Can Google Plus One Help You?

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One year after the Facebook's Like button is released, Google is now on the late stages of its Google plus one developments. As a matter of fact, Google users can get a preview of how things are going to run in the future by participating in this large scale social bookmarking of Google.
If you are a consumer, the Google plus one will help refine your search. Gone were the days when you have to click on each and every link of the natural results f your search. The moment the Google plus one is fully launched, Google search engine users can narrow down their search to the sites that are more popular, assuming that those with more plus 1s have better content compared to other sites with less or no plus 1s at all. According to Google Engineers, the Google plus one is a progression in the field social searches. As its main goal is to improve the search experience, expect user interface to get better in time.
To be part of Google's testing group for the Google plus one, just go to Google Experiments and click on the Plus 1 option. Remember that you need to log in on your Google Profile in order to get this done. Yes, you may not know it but you already have a Google Profile. Simply go to the top part of your Gmail account and click on the Profile Tab, it will take you to your Profile. You need to activate it by purring all the necessary information required.
The moment you're done activating your Google Prolife, you have to opt in for Plus 1. You will then see the Google plus one button at the far right of every search results. You can click on the grey Google plus one button if you like it but and if do you don't, you can always skip it. The Google plus one button is not compulsory where you can't go on with your search unless you Plus 1 something.
The moment you click on the Google plus one button of any website, your whole Google social network will know about it. Your Google social networks are people in you Google Mail Account, people in your Google Talk, people that you follow in Google Buzz and Google Reader. These contacts of yours will see the Plus 1s that you made if the search for something and the result is one of the websites that you Plus1d. You can keep track of the websites, ads, and whatnots that you clicked Google plus one button as it will also show in your Google Profile.

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