Choose Your VoIP Provider After Careful Assessment

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Choosing the right VoIP provider requires two essential things - listen carefully: to select the best VoIP provider who need "brains" and "time"! Acquiring services of a VoIP provider is not anything like going for grocery shopping from the nearest food mart; you need time and careful assessment of various VoIP provides in the marker, before finally nodding your head to the right one. Consider the following high crucial points when you're choosing a VoIP provider and properly teach yourself how to go about this process:

1. Monthly costs: There is no doubt that VoIP service is ten times more economical than your traditional landline service. Your VoIP provider can help you save you up to 70% on your long distance phoning costs, as compared to your traditional phone service. There are various VoIP providers in the market, who will offer you excitingly low costing calling packages, some as low as a few cents per minute. The lower the prices the better, but still never compromise on the quality of service.

2. VoIP Features: There are various basic and advanced VoIP features, though it is not necessary that every provider offers all kinds of services. Mostly VoIP features include Call waiting, 3 Way Calling, call blocking, etc., but remember that these features don't cost anything. A VoIP provider offering these features with an additional cost is definitely a swindler.

3. Number Portability: There is a very useful VoIP feature commonly known as Number portability. In this feature, you can easily switch yourself or upgrade yourself from a traditional landline service to a VoIP service, though keeping the number same. However, this feature might not be available with every VoIP provider. However, the idea certainly is exciting, though, it is best to test the service first and then switch your number. Bear in mind that if you use a DSL service, you would have to retain the old number offered by your DSL service provider, because technically DSL is offered by traditional landline companies and is offered over your phone line. So, if you want to switch your number, first get a cable internet and then switch your number to a VoIP service.

4. E-911 Service: E-911 service is an outstanding VoIP feature offered by most of the VoIP service providers. However, many only claim to offer the service, so it's wise to check up with the provider or ask other subscribers if the E911 service is a functioning feature or not. Though, in case your provider doesn't give away this feature, then it's best to still keep a traditional landline phone or maybe dial from your cell phone in case of an emergency.

5. Money Back Guarantee: Does your chosen VoIP service provider offer a money-back guarantee? If they do, then they certainly are certified and offer a reliable service. Most of the VoIP service providers offer a 14-30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you still have the option to go to them and ask for a refund.

These are only a few important things you need to look into when signing up with a VoIP service. This process is certainly time taking, so take your time and decide only after careful scrutinizing of various VoIP service providers.

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