Day one of the telephone service Google sees one million calls

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People who are more than one million calls a new telephone service is Google's first day, the company said Thursday the Internet.

Voice in Gmail, which was introduced Wednesday, allows users to call mobile phones and land lines from the accounts of Google e-mail them. The service is available in Canada and the United States, and calls to these countries is free. Calls will remain free at least until the end of the year, Google said.

But Canadian users seem to be limited to calls to Canada and the U.S., because the service does not allow them to buy long-distance credit.

Calls to other countries vary in cost from as low as two cents per minute (in Iceland, Taiwan and others), to 98 cents a minute to Guantanamo in Cuba, Nauru, the smallest island nation in the world. Google is rolling out the service gradually. Gmail users will receive a message that says "New! Make phone calls from Gmail, "and an invitation to" try it now. "

Users must install a browser plug-in. They can make calls by clicking the call button that appears in the window of the chat. A screen pops up with two tabs – one keypad to punch in numbers and call history.

The call quality is similar to Skype and other services voice-over-Internet.

The service is separate from the Google Voice, a service that forwards calls to existing phone number but is not available in Canada

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