Do You Focus on Your Still Small Voice?

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Do You Focus on Your Still, Small Voice For Advice?
Did you learn anything important in 2009? Did it make you change
any behaviors for the better? If we spend time reading an article,
report or blog, should we come away with new useful knowledge?
Is this worth knowing?
Fact: the word Person is from Latin meaning our Role (in life, a play or story).
Wait. It is derived from persona, the mask worn by ancient Greek
actors. Get this: it is the face we wear for our public lives.
There is another side to our Persona, it is called Anima – our higher self,
mind, spirit or soul. This is our non-social side, and scientifically called our
Nonconscious Mind. Persona (person, ego) is our public face, and Anima, our
hidden, deeper inner-self, a/k/a Character.
So What
How many thoughts sail through our mind daily? If you answer Who Cares? or
How can we really know? Hold-your-horses. Neuroscientists Dr. Deepak
Chopra says 60,000 thoughts daily. Researchers using fMRI (functional Magnetic
Resonance Imagery) can trace 15,000.
Dr. Dennis Gerstein, Solana Beach, California says 15,000, and half of them are negative thoughts insulting our talents and abilities. Important? Our self-image,
self-esteem and character are formed by our daily thoughts.
Is our Willpower more powerful than our Nonconscious mind (left vs. right brains)?
First off, willpower is called our decision-making brain. It is the seat of our intention, volition, and attitudes. But…
It is NOT our decision maker; it has input through planning, organizing and reasoning. If you get this principle, you will discover how Homo sapiens are influenced, persuaded and convinced without their conscious knowledge.
Listen: Our left hemisphere (cerebral cortex) can process 15-60 bits of information per second. Now, our right hemisphere processes 11 million bits of information per second. Which is dominant, your left or right brain?
Prove it. Google: neurofeedback. See: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta cycles per seconds using EEG (Electroencephalograph).
Principle: when willpower is in conflict with our Nonconscious mind, our
willpower is always the loser and Nonconscious mind always the winner.
Google: Dr. Emile Coue` Law of Reversed Effort
Self-Talk is Self-Awareness
Do you talk to yourself? Sure, that is the 15,000 thoughts a day going through
your Interior Dialogue. It is called Self-Talk. It is so habitual we swear it is
does not exist. Humans question, confer with and make decisions only after
communication with their Still-Small-Voice.
When you read a book, article or report, each and every word (unless you are a
speed reader) is heard in your mind like a newscaster reading the scores on TV.
For 99% of us, we cannot comprehension the meaning of what we read without
hearing the words of the sentences. Question: who is doing the reading, and who
is the listener? Left-brain reads, right-brain interprets what it hears.
“Each and every day of our waking life, at every hour, and even arguably,
at least once a minute, we TALK to ourselves”, Professor Alain Morin,
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Call it self-talk, internal dialogue
or inner speech – we are constantly talking to ourselves to gain answers to problems.
Neuroscientists say Top-Down brain talk is an Executive function coming from our
Prefrontal Cortex. It is the core of our cognition, logic, and reasoning. It operates
from our Primary Motor Cortex which helps produce speech, and our Left cerebral
In 1861 Dr. Paul Broca discovered the area of the brain that produces speech. It is
called Broca’s Area and is associated with motor control of our larynx. Where is it?
In our Frontal Lobe. Please remember this expression: Surprise Broca.
To influence, persuade and convince by speech or writing, we must surprise Broca or the listener or reader becomes bored to tears.
Our right-brain is responsible for the function of our Brainstem and Midbrain,
which controls our Central Nervous System. So what? Breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure and blood circulation.
All our autonomic life forces are powered by the Nonconscious right-brain. The process of human growth and development are from the Bottom-Up.
Question: emotions are linked with every decision we make. There are no exclusively logical or pure reasoning decisions. They are first cleared and approved by our Limbic system, the generator or all emotions.
The Limbic System is closely associated with our genes – instincts and hardwired conditioning. Where are they located? Right cerebral cortex.
If you wish to persuade, influence and convince, you must convince folks at
a Nonconscious level, and add logic and reasoning to involve our left brain
Consciousness. If there is a conflict which side wins? Nonconscious, right
hemisphere – always.
Please remember that Stress (chronic-long-term) attacks our right-hemisphere. It triggers our Sympathetic Nervous System, which alerts our Fight-or-Flight syndrome. It cues the release of adrenaline (epinephrine) for security and self-preservation.
Who cares? People (including us), who are stressed make impulsive, negative decisions. To influence folks, we want to arouse their Parasympathetic Nervous System causing relaxation. The release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine counteracts adrenaline and causes relaxation. It produces better decisions.
If you could read and remember three (3) books, articles and reports in the time
your peers can hardly finish one, would you have a competitive advantage?
Ask us for our detailed free report – it can help improve your career.
Did you know the expression - Still-Small-Voice is from 1Kings 19- 12-13, about
Elijah on Mount Horeb, and guess Who spoken to him? Right. We suggest you
permit your Still, Small Voice to guide you.
See ya,

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