Get Free Microsoft Points Without a Fake Generator

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I found a way to get free Microsoft Points sent directly to your email in a short amount of time. It is completely legal, easy and fast to do. There is no hacking of any kind at all. Hacking is extremely illegal and will get you in a huge lawsuit most likely. That is why this method has none.

There are also no fake Microsoft Points generators. I mean, a lot of people try to spread around rumors of their Microsoft Points generators working and being the best. However, the reality is that none of those work. They are a waste of time for you. The people tell you to unlock the content by downloading something; however, that is just to make the site owners money. Believe me, I know.

However, my method can literally be done with in a week. All you have to do is play a few simple and easy games, watch a few quick videos or just do some quick and easy surveys to get your free Microsoft Points. I myself got them for free in no time at all. They were sent directly to my email in one day. Your information will be completely safe from others because the site has a very good security system. They will not spam your email or phone with sale calls or anything like that. Your address is just used in case you want to get something else besides Microsoft Points. You should always use your real info.

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