Google Mail- Free Web Based Mailing Service

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Google mail is the free web based mailing service of the Google group. The service was introduced in 2007 and since then the public has greatly changed their mailing servers from other companies to Google. Gmail like the other products of Google is free of cost to the costumers and charge other companies for advertisement. Gmail receives a lot of costumers and sponsors every day. A team of dedicated professionals is always working strenuously at the backend to give the best service to the consumers and improve the service on day today basis. Many new features have been added in the Gmail in the last few years.
Gmail has greatly increased the standard of web mailing. The service was initially started with a storage capacity of 1GB against a much smaller capacity of a few MB of Hotmail. In the recent years the capacity has been markedly increased in last few years. Extra space can also be purchased at the minimal payment for the servers. The service is rarely down because the program is Linux based meaning that they have very reliable software at the backend. Also the Google has introduced the service of sharing the Picasa albums and Google docs.
A new feature has been added in the Gmail by the name of the labs. Through this feature the users can book mark or tag their important mails games and standard keyboard shortcuts. Also they can apply any kind of settings, place a star or tag their mails. In this way they are always reminded of what is important for them. Also they can create their own groups of friends or start other groups for social purposes. Any mail can be labeled as Spam. Gmail spam filters will consider that mail spam in future and similar other mails will also be considered spam. The Spam filters of Google are really powerful and they ward off any kind of unwanted mails.
Google mobile is a service that was provided for the mobile and smart phone users to access their inbox via mobile. The Google features were established such that they were easily operable through the smaller screen of mobile and the users can read, compose and send their mails through mobile. Other lab features can also be added. A specific facility designed for the iPad users has also been made available in 2010.
Google buzz is a service which integrates with the Gmail users to share link and media as well as status updates. Google voice through email chat is a service that allows the users to make free calls to various parts of United States and Canada through their email account.
The Gmail interface is much user friendly and has been designed so that it focuses on search and its "conversation view" of email, grouping several replies on a single page. The interface is markedly improved version of the other interfaces of the other companies.
In this way Gmail has become one of the most frequently used and most cherished of its services. More and more people are joining and using Gmail on everyday basis.

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