A Hot New Google Service

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Google is still the Master of the Searching Universe, and it looks like that will be the status quo for some time. And now there's a way to tap into some of the cash flow around this beast!
In this article I'll reveal a hot new service which is becoming one of the fastest growing niches on the Internet.
The business is Google Project Management.
The concept of this business is to manage all things Google for companies looking to leverage their search engine marketing for maximum profits.
And get this…
You can start this business today!
The great thing about this type of venture is you won't have boatloads of paperwork, inventories, employees, or red tape.
On top of that, this business has huge profit potential because the demand for Google products and services is spreading like wildfire… yes, even in a rotten economy!
Granted, Yahoo! has managed to grab a slice of the search traffic pie, and they always rank high in Alexa (the company provides traffic rankings and other related services).
And the search engine BING is the "Little Engine That Could"… but it still lags in actual search traffic in a big way.
Google has captured the imagination of the majority of Internet users.
More than 450,000 entrepreneurs and business owners are registered Google AdWords advertisers! They want to capitalize on the millions of people who search for products, services, and information on Google every day.
Google is a massive money-making phenomenon in part because it has:
A database which indexes more than 10 billion Web pages
More than 395 million users every month (and the number is growing)
More than 450,000 AdWords advertisers
Growing international traffic, which makes up almost 50 percent of its visitors
So as you can see, the opportunities for you with regards to Google Project Management are pretty substantial.
Google's core focus is still relevant search.
In fact, if you dig into the Google corporate site you'll see their Number One Guiding Principle is: Focus on the User and All Else Will Follow.
It seems the reasonpeople are flocking to Google in droves is because it provides as a reliable source of information.
Because of this incredible flow of people searching for products, services, and relevant information, Google finds itself in the unique position of being able to bring marketers and consumers closer to each other.
This resulted in the creation of the Google AdWords advertising program.
Google AdWords is Google's version of the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model.
I'm sure you know how a Google search works. But for the purpose of explaining how you can make money with Google, let's start at the beginning.
You type a query into the search box, hit "search", and Google displays the top results.
Google takes advantage of this opportunity (and targeted audience) by displaying a list of unobtrusive text advertisements at the top and on the right side of the search results page. These keyword ads, better known as Google AdWords, link to the advertisers' websites.
Google keyword advertisements are "triggered" or displayed when a user searches using a particular keyword.
For example, if a user enters the words "gold bullion" in the Google search box then keyword ads associated with this phrase are displayed on the top and right side of the search result page.
Keyword advertisers on Google can purchase whatever keyword or phrase they want.
When someone "clicks" on a keyword advertisement the person or company that purchased this ad is charged a fee. This fee can be as low as a few cents, or as high as $50. The "ppc fee" is dependent on several factors including keyword popularity, click-through popularity, and an auction bidding process.
This week's issue is not only about managing Google AdWords for your clients, although that's part of your service.
It's about managing ALL of Google's products and services for businesses and entrepreneurs.
As you probably know, Google is a traffic monster. Some experts claim 75 percent to 80 percent of all Internet traffic passes through Google on a given day. That's a big deal!
Businesses have begun to see the importance of having a Google-focused marketing strategy - and they're willing to hire or retain people to help them manage and harness it.
That's where you come in.
The essence of Google Project Management is to help your clients develop a Google marketing strategy and oversee all of Google's products and services with a view to increasing traffic, inquiries, and, most of all, sales.
Google is averaging about six new products and/or service launches a month.
Granted, not all of them are successful or even pertinent to marketing, but most of them are.
For example, Google's new word-processing application and spreadsheets will compete with Microsoft... but Google's software is free! This will enable advertisers to run promotions which complement or enhance these downloads.
Here are some of the products and services you can manage for your clients:
Google AdWords
Google AdSense
Source codes
Organic (free) search
Google Local
Linking strategies
Google Print
Content relevancy
Google Broadcasting (dMarc)
Google-friendly meta tags
Google Analytics
Google Base
Google Checkout (Watch out, PayPal!)
Google Page Creator (Bye-bye expensive, incompetent webmasters!)
Google TV (Soon)
Google Talk
Now get this… most of the e-business site owners I talk to are growing tired of click fraud and huge Google advertising bills, not to mention low conversion (sales) rates.
Your objective will be to help your clients' test, monitor, and manage his or her Google AdWords campaigns and All Things Google with an eye to eliminating wasteful spending and bringing in money.
How to Master Google in Six Weeks or Less
The fastest way to master Google AdWords and All Things Google is to begin an intensive self-motivated study of their website.
I'm not kidding!
There are thousands of eBooks, seminars, study courses, teleconferences, and hard copy books on Google.
But what most people forget to mention is that Google's own website is actually one of the best resources for educating yourself about its systems. They have great FAQs, tutorials, instructions, and the like.
This is how I mastered Google.
Sure, I listen to what other people say about Google. But the best and most up to date information is on Google's website.
There are thousands of pages of easy-to-read information on everything Google has to offer.
Meet Your Ideal Prospect for This Service
The ideal prospect for Google Project Management will be businesses that already spending money with Google. These would be the "A" prospects in my book.
What's more, your ideal prospect will already be up to speed and understand the benefit of Google-targeted traffic on their businesses.
Most of your ideal prospects will be small- to medium-sized business owners and Internet savvy entrepreneurs.
There are more than 10 million small businesses in the United States and Canada (and most of them are looking to ramp up their search engine marketing).
In addition, most businesses have websites and desperately need Internet exposure. Most business owners understand the power of Google marketing.
But get this…
Most small- to medium-sized business owners often delegate Google and search engine marketing by assigning the task to the webmaster or "IT guy".
The problem is that most webmasters and IT guys know a lot about the technical side of things but almost nothing about search engine or Google marketing. It would be like asking the minister at your wedding to also be a "One-Man Wedding Band" to entertain guests at the reception.
In my experience, small- and medium-sized business owners are desperately seeking qualified, knowledgeable help when it comes to Google, as well as search engine marketing in general.
How Much Can You Charge for Google Project Management?
Your fee will vary, depending on the size and scope of each client's Google activities. But a monthly retainer of $500-$2,000 is not out of the question and that's for just an hour's or so work each week.
This is definitely a set your own schedule, part-time type of job. Multiply your clients, and you multiply the fees you are bringing in! Or pursue other freelance opportunities at the same time.
You can work as little or as much as you want… it just depends on how much money you want to make.
And it's important to focus your marketing on qualified prospects only.
In other words, you'll want to focus on companies already committing funds to Google and Internet marketing. A nice guideline would be companies spending between $3,000-$10,000 per month on Google AdWords and other Internet marketing.
Companies spending less than $3,000 will not be has receptive to pay a retainer… they'll want to negotiate your fee and lowball you.
Even so some e-business site owners may be hesitant to pay a monthly retainer no matter how much they spend on Google - that's fine! Don't focus on the fee.
Focus on producing results for them.
Believe me, most Internet savvy business owners won't have any problem retaining your services long-term if you can produce results for them. That's why I always say that:
Trail Periods Work Wonders
I think a three-month trial for your Google Project Management is reasonable.
Let's say your normal charge is $500 to $950 per month. But you could extend a three-month trial for $1,000,
I realize working for only $1,000 for three months is not very exciting, and you certainly won't break the bank!
But you've got to see the big picture.
If you manage your time properly, it should only take an hour or two per week (maybe five hours tops) to manage most Google projects.
If you slowly add one or two clients a month (more if you're motivated) and produce results for them - in six months you'll have six to 12 clients each paying you $1,000 for a three-month trial.
Let's say you don't acquire any additional clients after that.
Here's the math…
12 clients x $1,000 (three-month trial) = $12,000
After a three-month trial your fee would be $500 per month.
12 clients x $500 per month = $6,000!
Trial period income: $12,000
Remainder of the year income (nine-months x $6000): $54,000!
Grand total: $66,000
If you think that's great, then you'll love this…
If you have 12 clients and it only takes you two hours per week to manage each client's account – this works out to about 24 hours per week. Not bad for a part-time business!
How to Market Your Google Project Management Service
There are hundreds of ways to market your Google Project Management service - online and off. But three of the fastest, least expensive ways are via:
1) Google AdWords / Google organic search
2) CraigsList (under "resumes" or "services")
3) Second-tier PPC (pay-per-click) networks like 7Search.com, ABCSearch, MIVA, LookSmart, Kanoodle, and Mamma.com
4) Direct mail
Everyone in business receives dozens or even hundreds of e-mail pitches every day. That increases the value of a personalized solicitation to qualified, "A" prospects via direct mail or FedEx Next Day Letter.
An "A" prospect is any e-business owner who has recently purchased Internet marketing products related to AdWords, SEO, SEM, text link ads, advertising, etc.
You can buy or rent direct mail lists from thousands of companies and brokers. But two super quick and affordable sources for buyer mailing lists (as opposed to compiled lists) are MeritDirect.com and DirectMail.com.
****Take Away Strategy *****
Immerse yourself in the Google machine. Start a five-day Google immersion and self-tutorial. Learn everything you possibly can about it.
In a matter of hours or days you'll begin to see the huge potential of a service like Google Project Management.
You can start small by managing Google AdWords campaigns for e-business site owners – and then build your proficiency and begin offering the full arsenal of Google products and services.
Another aspect of Google Project Management service will be making sure your clients' websites are "Google friendly". I'm not suggesting that you handle the day-to-day programming, HTML, or Web development functions.
But you can direct the overall Google strategy and delegate programming and other tasks to in-house employees or freelancers.
In the best-case scenario, you would manage your clients' programmers, developers, copywriters, and Internet marketing teams on a freelance, independent contractor basis.
You can market your service to "A" prospects on Google's Classifieds (GoogleBase), Guru.com, Monster.com, Elance.com, Project4Hire.com, and Yahoo! HotJobs (freelance projects).
You could also post a simple, yet powerful, website describing your Google Project Management services and market the heck out of it with Google AdWords or second-tier PPC networks like MIVA or 7Search.com.
There are companies spending more than $100,000 per month on Google marketing. It's time to grab your share of the pie.
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