Installing Wireless Access Points

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Installing Multiple Wireless Access Points

1. Install one wireless Access Point to test range

2. Assign each wireless access point a unique IP address

3. Each wireless access point will have the Same SSID

4. All wireless access points will have the same encryption key

5. Point wireless antennas towards the center of the network

1. Finding your Wireless Range - Wireless access points will have a range of about 75-100ft inside, and outside (depending on your wireless antenna) miles. If you live in an older brick home your wireless signal range can be greatly reduced.. To find your wireless signal range and signal strength you will need to install one wireless access point in the middle of your work area and measure the signal. You can use a program called netstumbler to help you with this task. Once you have achived the necessary wireless signal overlap then you will be able to roam through out your work or business. Your wireless adapter software will choose the access point with the strongest signal but this will be transparent to the user

2. Unique IP -Next you will want to assign all your AP's with a unique IP address not a dynamic IP address. Do not use the same IP adderess for each AP.

3. Configure AP's - Configuring two or three wireleess access point is not very hard but when you have to configure more than that it can become time consuming. Thus some wireless routers will come with software that will allow you to configure one access point which will then configure all of your other access point for you.

4. Same SSID - Use the same SSID for each access point on your network. This will give you the ability to roam with out having to choose each network when you move.

5. Encryption /AuthenticationWireless Antennas - Choose which type of antenna you will need. Try to purchase directional antennas instead of using the default omni-directional antennas. Directional antennas will funnel your wireless signal towards your operational areas.

7. Placement - Try not to place your AP by outer walls. If you need to place your AP buy outside walls then try to use a reflector. This will help your signal stay inside your house as much as possible.

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