iPhone Best GPS App on 2011

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Relationship cheating. Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair? Are you starting to see signs that they are hiding something? Have you suspected something but have not had a way to find out the truth?

If you truly suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, there are options out there that enable you to track their location -- all without leaving the comfort of your home. The way to do this is with an iPhone GPS app.


An iPhone GPS app is an app that you download directly into an iPhone. These iPhone tracking apps enable someone then to track your location using the iPhone's built-in GPS. There are two types of tracking apps - one is stealth (which is the primary topic of this article) and the other is non-stealth. A stealth iPhone GPS app is hidden to the user, which means they have absolutely no idea they are being tracked. A non-stealth tracking app is clearly visible to the iPhone user, so they know they are being tracked.


These stealth apps work by logging the GPS location of the iPhone (that has the tracking app installed) without the iPhone user knowing that they are being tracked. The tracking logs that have been recorded are then secretly transmitted to a secure online account that is set up at time of purchase. The person tracking the iPhone, just has to log into their account, and then they are presented with all the location coordinates. Each location entry has a time/date stamp, so you can view where the iPhone at the present time, or view historical tracking information if you need to see where the user was at a specific point in time.

Now what you can do is click on any of the location coordinates to view the location on map. Once you are in the map view, you can zoom in or out, get driving directions, and see what the local landmarks and businesses are in that area.


An iPhone GPS app is the perfect tool to uncover infidelity because it will enable a suspicious spouse to secretly track the movements of their spouse, and have a way to essentially go back in time and view where their spouse was on any given date if they happen to come across something that makes them think their spouse was not where they said they were. For example, if you happen to come across a receipt that contradicts where your spouse said they were on that day, you only need to log into your online account provided by the tracking app, and then you can view where your spouse was on that date. Were they where they said they were? Or is this the evidence of infidelity you have been looking for?

As you can see, an iPhone GPS app enables a suspicious spouse with a very easy way to keep a constant eye on their spouse.

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