Measuring popularity via Google Plus 1

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What you hear about the Google plus one button is all true. If Google is Facebook, then it will be its "like" button. People from all over the world can press this Google plus one button if they like the website. This will then leave a worldwide mark that people from all over the world can see the moment they click on the site or do their search. If a certain website has a lot of plus 1, it means it is very popular as a lot of people like it. But will Google be able to live up to its goal of measuring a website's likeability with the help of this Google plus one button?

There is a human factor in this experiment as people click but not think. Yes, there are click zombies who just keep on clicking things. They are the ones who don't read but click anyway. There are also people who can be hired and get paid in exchange of clicking on the Google plus one button of a particular website. These things can surely give an impression to a person searching for things via Google that a website is indeed popular but is it real popularity?

It is forecasted the Internet is going to reach another level with this Google plus one button. If you are a site owner who worked your ass off in making your site reach its high rank now, you may be surprised that you are suddenly overthrown by another website that happens to have more Plus1s than you do. It could be that the content f the website that overthrew you are really good as compared to that of yours but it can also be due to the things that the website owners did in order to get numerous people to Google plus one button of their website and giving Google the impression that numerous people like it indeed.

With the Google plus one button, it seems as if the philosophy of intention is good but will its result line up with the intention of Google? As it is in its experimentation stage as of now, one can join this and get the feel of Google plus one button in advance. If you have a Gmail account, you can go to the experiments tab and click on join. After that you just have to activate your Google Profile and you can start pressing the Google plus one button for the sites that you like. After pressing the button, just like in Facebook where "likes" are shown, the moment someone searches on the site that you clicked on the Google plus one button, your name will come up as you are one of the people who clicked on the Google plus one button of that particular page.

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