Nintendo Newest Console- NDS Introduced

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Nintendo finds players concern much about the performance of the game console from the pressure of PSP. The Reasons Why Fergie Want Nintendo DSi Console Four Reasons for You to Suit Touching super card cartridge
Although PSP highest CPU is 333MHz, since other facilities cannot match, PSP can not perform so much, while what Nintendo needs is to creak handheld game console which can completely release CPU performance. Excellent Megan Fox for DSTTi Multimedia Card for NDSi/NDS/NDS Lite Inspiration This palm's machine picture expressive force will be stronger than present PSP, therefore the base line of Nintendo next generation palm's machine which is that the performance parameter cannot lose to PSP, otherwise will lose players favor. From the evolution of Nitendo's handheld game consoles, theoretically, we can predict that the next generation host CPU performance will be lifted into a new level, and at that time it will show its fascinating picture expressive force.
It is dreadful to see the powerful electric consumption of NDS2' performance, and thus, the problem of battery capacity and continuable using time becomes extremaly hard to be solved. Thus, no matter 333MHz or higher volt new palm machine applies, it could save the electricity by cutting or canceling the unnecessary functions. As for the storage media, from GB to GBA to NDS, Nintendo`s PSP are all cassettes. CD-ROM has its advantages and disadvantages, and in terms of speed and stability, the cassette has its advantages. From the angle of business,NDS2 is definitely downward compatible of NDS.But it's not possible for it to have slot and CD driver.
The second generation of NDS can't be without double screens if it is compatible to NDS. The touch screen can't be missed either. So the features of NDS will certainly be found in the second generation machines. The expansion of the screen of the reformed DSI of Nintendo later also explained that Nintendo has felt the pressure from the big screen of PSP, and found that the visual shocking strength of the big screen was great. In fact, NDS's double screen may interact with each other, and show a continuing images soundly to let the game effect real, vivid and interesting. It gives Nintendo many benefits, so Nintendo know very well the importance of big screen of a handheld game console. Thus NDS2 will maintain the standard of DSi's screen at least.
At the same time,this new console support sensors and viberation.As we know,the Wii become famous for it have sport sensors. The double screens, touch, microphone, pucker and camera of NDS are used by Nintendo completely. It is difficult to make radical innovation, so it is possible to use motion detector. For instance, there is a bottle of water in the game. Players just need to turn down machines, the water will flow. Needless to say, the benefits of vibration are evident. NDS has already had the second generation console with vibration, and what needs to be done is to make it internal. After it has shake funtion, NDS2 will inherit all function of Wii. It looks more like a handy version of Wii, and then the connection with WII will become more various.
In the network era of the daily improved global information time, leading in the area will get the market. Nintendo is a model of those who is good at leading. He likes to disrupt opponents` strategies by sudden attacks, and seize the market share by showing the cards first, and NDS2 is undoubtedly the main trump of Nintendo's new season.

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