Playstation Network Back Online

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Sony has said that the most features of the PlayStation Network is back online. The company suffered a massive security vulnerability in the past two weeks with the personal data of 77m users, including credit card number and fell into the hands of hackers. The company said that will provide online gameplay for PlayStation 3 and PSP and access to account management features to go live this week. However, other features such as downloadable games-shop, not back online until later this month. Apologize for its users, Sony, users 30 free days each PlayStation Plus premium services, as well as a selection of free downloadable content. All PlayStation 3 users are required to download a system update and change their passwords on the original PlayStation console, which they originally registered with the network.

"Soon after a criminal cyber-attack on the corporate data in San Diego, California center, Sony Network Entertainment International turned on the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, employs more specialist information security companies in the course of several days and conducted a comprehensive review of the system," said the company in a statement.

"Since then the company has undertaken a variety of new security measures to provide better protection of personal information. SNEI and its third-party experts with extensive tests conducted to ensure the security strength of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity to review services.

He said, include the initial phase of the rollout, but is not limited to:

* Restore the online game through the PlayStation 3 and PSP systems
* This includes titles require online verification and downloaded games
* Access to Music Unlimited by Qriocity for PS3/PSP powered to existing subscribers
* Access to account management and password reset
* Access to the threat of movie rentals on PS3, PSP and MediaGo Download
* PlayStation Home
* List of friends
* Chat functionality

nvestigators found a file implicating the "hacktivist" group Anonymous in the security breach that led to the theft of the personal details of more than 100 million online gamers, electronics company Sony has told the US Congress

In a letter to Congress, Sony said the data theft came at the same time it was defending itself against a cyber-attack from members of Anonymous.

Forensic experts found a file on one of the hacked systems, titled Anonymous, which contained a phrase – "We are legion" – that is sometimes used by the hackers' collective, said Sony chairman Kazuo Hirai in the letter to members of the House of Representatives.

"What is becoming more and more evident is that Sony has been the victim of a very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber-attack designed to steal personal and credit card information for illegal purposes," he told the House commerce committee, who have launched an inquiry into the matter.

Now we can play our favourite games again since Playstation network back online. Just be careful to maintain our credit card safety issues to protect our self.

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