Sony hackers door impact 40 million Hong Kong account and the public concern about information disclosure

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SONY encountering "hacker door", information leaked ranging from dozens of countries and regions, billion account. The leak has influence PSN account in Hong Kong, mainland 40 million user's influence and have how old? A substantial amount of personal information and how the bear the responsibilities?
After for SONY playstation network support PSN platform provides the hacker attacks, on May 3rd, SONY's "SONY online entertainment game network" claims, this network are already in the middle of April hackers attack. These two events were affected SONY 2460 million user 77 million and account information.
40 million Hong Kong account "come back"
After the incident, the Hong Kong SAR privacy commissioner for personal data RenHong jiang with SONY of Japan overseas relevant personnel, demanding SONY met in 3 days, including response to submit material explain what measures used to take to ensure customer personal data is not stolen.
On May 4, the reporter interviewed the leak of SONY computer entertainment Hong Kong LTD (SCEH) spokesman. The spokesman says: PSN platform, there are 40 million (open several accounts) per person can affect Hong Kong account; But by Hong Kong temporary untutored online entertainment game network related services, so no local users affected. So far, no Hong Kong users will temporarily personal data were leaked to the company to put forward the query.
The spokesman said the affected users, their names, addresses, nationality, E-mail address, date of birth, PSN login name and password, PSN online name and so personal material, even credit card information, are likely to be hacker filch personal gain.
Public anxieties information disclosure
This leak may lead to SONY registered users suffer a loss, especially 10 million personal credit card account also exists theft likely. SONY says, credit card data via encryption processing, has yet to confirm that there is the users for financial losses.
SONY "hacker door" events affect Hong Kong 40 million accounts, highly personal privacy protection for the Hong Kong society, is the impact of the enormous. Jiang RenHong describe the incident "very serious", and remind the client shall heed to yourself credit card bills have abnormal conditions.
As a user, Hong Kong citizens PSN platform YuanMenYing hope SONY can promptly repair system vulnerabilities and avoid personal information and credit card ??��?? commodity for others.
For SONY user data were leaked events, Hong Kong local media universal says anxieties. Media commentaries pointed out that, like SONY, many multinational companies as master a huge amount of user information, lack of system supervision and material maintenance, once lost or stolen take, can bring to the user of inestimable loss.
How many mainland user affected
The reporter understands, this incident involving PSP game in mainland China as though not officially put on sale, but the mainland have numerous customers in the use of related products and services. Whether the leak will harm their interests?
A consumer told reporters, oneself, although once when buying a PSP games on PSN website after registered, but only registered name, telephone and other basic information, their credit card and debit card information does not register on its website on the site, and never have to buy the software products.
"In addition to worry about personal information was leaked, on economic losses is not worried, anyway, didn't also registered credit card information." Home RenChen said in tianjin.
But there are also worked in PSN the site for the software and upgrade services have the consumer expressed his concerns. "The credit card of the quota is not low, if stolen loss is big." Once on PSN purchase several game software jia worried about Mr.
"Hacker door" how much influence in mainland China user? SONY will have how remedial measures? 4, journalists linked to SONY (China) Co., LTD, but until reporters, also didn't receive send positive response to the above problems.
SONY (China) limited company public relations in a written statement, SONY will cooperate with related departments, to hunt down and prosecute illegal invaders.
For user information especially credit card information might be compromised user of danger, SONY promises to help users to protect personal data.
Expert views
The company commands a large personal information shall strengthen supervision
The SONY "hacker door" event to remind people to pay attention to network security.
Rising security experts WangZhanTao when accepting a reporter to interview analysis, according to data released by the SONY, only tiny percentage of users is the subscribers paying by credit card. Credit card information leakage is dangerous, users in the particulars of the left name, birthday, home address information once was leaked, may also be impersonating identity and fraudulent payment, etc.
He speculated that this information to the mainland of the leak user influence will be too big, because a smaller number of mainland subscribers.
Experts think, user information leakage, SONY's not shirk responsibility. Because the company can through the registered design more security, let customers to fill out less material, then to help users to avoid risk. Meanwhile, SONY also have an obligation to protect users' personal information.
The expert reminds, to use SONY related products, if the user in the material, a password, safety tips such material, need immediate problem for change, in order to avoid risks.
Institute of the Chinese academy of ZhouHanHua researchers say, law along with the network popularization, the personal information to be exposed, abuse or stolen greater likelihood of. Similar SONY is such company, owner and of information controllers. We need to increase of personal information to grasp the supervision of the companies and organizations.
SONY "hacker door" events for enterprise and government departments, was a wake-up call. ZhouHanHua said that in developed countries, user personal information protection is always very seriously. For example, the eu countries have in early 1995 personal information protection instructions. While in our country, for the personal information protection legislation lags behind, the lack of uniform laws. Personal information protection law hasn't issued; Meanwhile, bull regulatory and law enforcement competence unknown, causing the subject of law enforcement scattered; In addition, through the rights of civil way, often cost is higher, many users opted to give up.
He said, "you shall enterprise that, from behavior criterion, hardware facilities, rights management, personnel system, etc to spend more on personal information protection."
News background
SONY data users may have influence stolen a billion
SONY of Japan 3 announced 2460 million, the new findings about SONY web users' personal information by the hacker filch doubt. These account contains the user's name, gender, birth date and address, telephone number, E-mail address, login name and password encryption. This makes burglaries affected by SONY data the user could be more than 1 billion people, become the largest to date, user data were leaked case.
And before this April 27, SONY announced the local time, the United States, April 17 to 19, hacked into SONY company is located in the data servers ShengDieGeShi, stolen SONY music, animation cloud PS3 and service network of about 77 million users personal information, involving 57 countries and regions.
Refer to previous example, SONY difficult to escape unharmed. In 2004, Japan yahoo personal information about 460 million users, Japan yahoo later leaked to every name users send 500 yen ($$6) coupons ishi apologies. 2009, Japanese life-insurance company alisher secco for 3 million customer credit card information leaked, except to every victim compensation final 1 million yen ($123 dollars) outside, also undertake the 67 billion yen ($39 million dollars) in card fees.
Japan's lawyer, said JiTeng are trees in accordance with practice, if were leaked data is limited to name, telephone and other basic information, compensation for each person 5,000 yen to 1 million yen ($61 to $123 dollars); If was leaked information privacy, compensation may significantly jumped. Had the Japanese cosmetic enterprise for customer information leaked out, and the results were court ordered every customer compensation to 30,000 yen ($368). On this measure, SONY face could reach 2 trillion yen damages (245 billion). Even if that by Japanese yahoo, SONY also apologize compensation standards need to pay 385 million yen ($4.7 billion) - this basic equivalent to SONY PS series game of the sales.

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