Tips for Crystal Clear VOIP Calls

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While VOIP technology offers customers a cost-effective and convenient way of making calls, getting the best reception sometimes means knowing the "tricks of the trade." Here are some sure fire ways to insure that every call you make over a VOIP network is crystal-clear and free from drops.

Tips for enjoy the clearest VOIP calls

The following tips come direct from veteran VOIP callers and the customer service representatives who help people like you everyday achieve better calling quality.

1. Use a fast Internet connection. When you make a call using your VOIP account, you are getting online using your computer's Internet connection. If this connection is not as fast as it should be the data that comprises your call will not travel smoothly to the other end (the person you are calling). In order to avoid these service hiccups, test your high-speed Internet connection and make sure it is performing at peak efficiency.

2. When a fast Internet connection isn't enough. Sometimes, you can have a blazing fast Internet connection and it still will not be enough to keep the voice data flowing. To help alleviate this situation, you may want to consider a VOIP accelerator that gives the data coming through your VOIP phone priority over other information in the system. These devices attach easily to your network adapter and generally cost around $75.

3. Hang up and try again. Occasionally, you may encounter a VOIP calls that features heavy static or a distracting echo effect. In these cases, the best thing to do is NOT PANIC. Simply apologize to the caller on the other end, hang up and then try your call again. In most situations, the fresh connection will help rectify the problem.

4. Take care of your VOIP box. Your VOIP adapter is built to last for years, but only if you take good care of it. Leaving the VOIP box underneath your computer, where it can be kicked or shuffled around is going to have a negative effect on call quality. Also, keep cords and connections away from areas where children or pets can get a hold of them. Pulling on cords may jars loose the connections and keep you from connecting to the VOIP network.

5. Go wireless. Using wireless phones and adapters is a godsend for many VOIP users. For one thing, they provide additional freedom of movement throughout the house or office while you are on the line. For another, the fewer wires you have strung around your computer, the less chance they will become detached during a call, or wear out over time.

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