Top 10 Reasons You Should Get a Wireless Router

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1. Use it anywhere in your home
In most cases you can use Wi-Fi (Wireless) anywhere in your home and maybe even outside on a sunny day.
2. Easy and great for your guests
If you have guests over, you can easily give them access to your Wi-Fi for them to use on their device if they require it.
3. Use more than one device or computer at a time
If you have a wireless router, you can have lots of devices and computers connected to it at one time. Unlike, a modem you can only use one computer on it at one time.
4. Video game consoles e.g. PS3, Wii…
The PlayStation 3, Wii and other consoles have Wi-Fi built in so you can wirelessly play with friends, family or total strangers online.
5. No wires, no mess
If your using Wi-Fi on your laptop, you don’t have to worry about wires getting in the way or making it look messy.
6. It’s cheap
Wireless costs as little £5-10 and some broadband companies such as Sky give you free wireless routers with their packages. Also wireless nerworks in most cases are cheaper to install and maintain compared to wired.
7. It’s secure
You may hear people’s wireless routers being hacked and other people using their wireless. However, as long as you have a WPA/WEP key setup you shouldn’t have to worry about hackers using your wireless.
8. Easily share files with others on your network
Using a wireless router also allows you to easily send files to others on your network.
9. Use different devices
Nowadays, you can use your printer and even your mobile wirelessly.
10. Don’t worry about wires when reordering your home
If your reordering things in your home, you don’t have to worry about moving the ethernet cable and stapling it to your floor borders again.

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