Top 5 Ways to Cheap International Calls Online

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At some point in spending will give excuses for your friends or relatives when they ask you to call them. But through the Internet and the latest technology in contact with the bodies can not be buried under the excuse. Here I mentioned the 5 best ways to keep in touch with relatives abroad, without heavy loads.

1) Skype

This is the call to the method online. Users can open an account in minutes. It offers international calls at cheaper rates. The last system that offers unlimited calling to unlimited calls to many countries worldwide for only $ 13.99 per month. And call for early adopters and the largest U.S. and Canada, the people who subscribe to unlimited for $ 2.99 per month.
You can talk and video with friends and family from anywhere with Internet access.
Regular users of Skype can make online calls to mobile phones, but was not received. So if you want to call people who are familiar with Skype accounts and setting up the webcam havent, then you will probably have problems.


This stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). We offer you the opportunity to place calls via the Internet to a landline at home. Offers call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, etc. They offer unlimited plans with the United States and Canada respectively for the international rates.
Since, as with other online and teleconferencing systems, you do not have to keep on your computer to make calls. Because users can handle calls or voice messages the same way with the phone and no contract it.
You will have to get a landline to use VOIP, it can not be adjusted to a cell phone.

3) Google Chat with Voice/Video

With the progress of popular GChat about Gmail, Google Voice and video chat is the same as Skype. It gives you easy online voice and video free on the exchange rate. Users can phone in Canada and the United States, which are free, such as Google rate cats overseas are less, but try before you work the computer system check.
As call rates abroad, low cost of Skype are compared.
You can get in touch with friends and family by opening a Gmail account. And get when you talk about any coffee shop or visit friends, etc., then download the plug-in GChat an often because the service is not always available from Skype do.

4) Vonage

Vonage provides service calls to your home via the Internet, offer better rates for international calls. It is a mixture of various packages of phone to your account for national or international calls (North America), fixes a couple of minutes or connected indefinitely.
We offer phone calls to overseas package that is best compared to VoIP.
Just as VoIP, the Scandinavian type requires the user not suitable for fixed-line subscribers.

5) Calling Cards

Calling cards are used for many years and people can take everywhere with them and can make calls on mobile phones or fixed. Since the prices are reasonable and Skype VoIP.
As elsewhere in the world.
There are countries that do not access to phone cards.

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