Understanding The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx GPS Receiver

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Since the removal of all regulations in the late 90s baring access to GPS technology by the general public the growth of GPS devices targeted at public use has been skyrocketing. GPS is one particular technology that has made the lives of millions of people around teh world much easier, safer and even more productive. Manufacturers of these the GPS devices have been frantically developing ever advanced models on a yearly basis. One such model by one of the best companies in this field is the Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx.

This is a handheld mapping GPS navigator or receiver. This means this device can be loaded with maps of different places both land and marine making it an able handheld marine GPS navigator. This particular model is one of the best selling GPS model on various internet stores. It is one that can be called a combo navigator in that it can be used for a variety of purposes namely marine navigation, hiking, turn-by-turn city navigation amongst other things.

It is important to remember before purchasing that this navigator when you buy it is only loaded with basemaps. You will need to purchase Mapsource software from Garmin through the Garmin website to load more maps for your preferred areas. This is a popular approach to business for GPS manufacturers. They earn more by selling the maps separately. Also to understand is that only maps for a particular manufacturer will work with their GPS device. Garmin maps for example are limited to Garmin navigators and my not be used on other navigator brands.

The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx navigator is a high-sensitivity receiver. This means it is faster in picking satelitte signal as well as in locking to that signal. It is designed to lock to satellite even under thick vegetation cover, around tall buildings and deep in the canyon. For GPS receivers to work they need to get a signal and lock to at least three satellites. The more the satellites your GPS device can lock to the greater the accuracy. This is the reason why manufacturers of models such as the 60CSx work hard to ensure that their devices can find as many satellites as possible and stay locked to them for greater accuracy.

This is perhaps one of the best units many people will consider when geocaching. It has a special menu designed to satisfy the needs of geocaching participants around the world. Even the user manual includes special mention for geocaching.

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