5 Running Applications For Best GPS iPhone 2011

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Smartphones are not only for the convenience of texting, phoning and all the additional features anyone would expect from the latest technology in 2011. It now also has super applications especially for runners to be able to track everything they do.

From workouts, pacing charts, maps, activities done, calculating of speed and more are available to runners on these applications. Fully customizable training plans and motivational talks and coaching are found on the applications. The days of progress charts on walls and keeping book of progress are long gone when a runner use one of hundreds of available applications for iPhone. The apps also enable a runner to keep up to date with social networks and sharing experiences with team mates and friends around the world.

Five of the best and most featured applications include the following:

RunKeeper Pro, which is a free application was released in 2009 and still stays in the top five, with GPS and tracks pace, speed and distance with audio cues during runs. Distances run, speeds done, calories burned and full assessments and reports of work-outs are what can be expected. Other features include map generating and data export as well as social networking which remains important to everyone. What makes it stand out and remain popular is the fact that it also allows for logging of non-running activities.

iMapMyRun is another free application for iPhone, featuring abilities to track nutrition, routes and work-outs. Map creation, pace calculation and user tracking are more free features, but runners can also purchase an iMapMyRun + version of the free application for $4.99. It features abilities such as voice feedback, geo-tagging when taking mid-run photos and much more.

RunMeter also comes at $4.99 and one of the most popular and very similar to the Nike + GPS described below. Amongst the features which make it stand out are statistical analysis, activity based reports, accurate GPS maps and much more.

Nike + GPS is a paid application at only $1.99 with outstanding capabilities such as; customizable running playlists, pace tracking, course maps, calories burned, digital coaching and more. It features a points system to award a runner for specific accomplishments like personal best, extra mileage logged, as well as virtual race challenges.

Adidas miCoach, which is also free was released only in 2011 and has super features such as a pedometer, calorie counter and heart rate monitor. Runs are tracked, using an uncomplicated method and also features pace triggering coaching and audible training. Customizable sport-specific plans are included and synchronization of work-out plans makes for a user-friendly web page.

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