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Do you know that people save more than 60% on their phone bills by using prepaid calling cards to make local and international calls? The good news is that many of these prepaid cards now offer PINless dialing, an option that serves as an escape route from the use of complicated call codes when placing a phone call. Prepaid PINless cards are the fastest, easiest and most economical way to make international calls to family and friends. The PIN in a prepaid calling card stands for Personal Identification Number and this number is unique for every phone card. However, most of the phone card companies now offer the option of a prepaid calling card that does not make use of the lengthy PIN numbers. Such phone cards are referred to as PIN-less phone cards and with this card one can directly dial the country code after the access number without having to dial the PIN.

How PIN-less dialing works

The lengthy nature of our traditional calling card PIN numbers, which are usually 10 to 14 digits long, makes them difficult to remember. To address this challenge and save both old and young from the hassle and time-consuming exercise of dialing a PIN when placing a call, the PIN-less phone card was introduced. This evolution in the prepaid calling card sector offers you convenience and still retains all the advantages of the traditional phone card. To use this system of dialing, you must first register your phone numbers i.e. home, office or mobile phone. Then an access number will be provided for you by the PIN-less card operator. Whenever you call that access number, your already registered phone number will be recognized. The system uses of a program called ANI - Automatic Number Identification. Once the program recognizes your registered number, you will not be asked to enter your PIN.

There are many PIN-less calling cards presently available. Some even come along with interesting packages and features such as speed dial, quality customer service and above all, crisp clear voice quality. In making your choice of PIN-less calling card ensure you watch out for these features. The Speed Dial is a feature that enables you to assign one or two digits speed-dial-code to your most frequently dialed numbers, cutting out the stress of dialing a lengthy number every time you want to make a call. Another feature to check out when purchasing a PIN-less calling card is the call rate. Ensure to go for good quality card with economical call rates. Be sure there are no subscription fees, maintenance, connection or hidden charges.

This whole PIN-less card stuff sounds great, doesn't it? Of course it does. Everyday innovations are made that are geared towards making life easier, more convenient and more comfortable for us and the PIN-less phone cards are no exception. They offer a faster and more effective way to make phone calls. What do you expect? After all, we are in the jet age and as such, everything should move along with jet speed. Little wonder, we have fast cars, fast trains, fast money transfer, fast information dissemination devices and even fast food stores everywhere. You asked for it, now you have it: fast dialing - your best bet remains PIN-less phone cards.

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