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Whenever a new technology gains prominence, it's only a matter of time before people find way to take advantage of it maliciously. We're seeing this with smartphones for the major operating systems like Android and the iPhone and now we're also increasingly seeing it with VoIP systems. There are many ways to take advantage of a VoIP system depending on the skills and motivation of the hackers. The very flexibility and power of VoIP presents several windows of opportunity for criminal elements and even competitors who'd like to cripple your business by sundering your communications.

Computer systems can be attacked for many reasons. But usually hackers can't get a benefit out of targeting any old company. Sure, they might be able to steal some data etc. but it might not be immediately useful. However, VoIP makes every company a target since a compromised system can provide a benefit to anyone willing to take advantage of it. International calling is one area which criminals like to specialize in and when they hack into your communications, you can find yourself with massive bills as they begin to exploit your VoIP systems.

We're seeing these kind of attacks all over the world. And because VoIP is Internet based, the attacks can come from anywhere unlike the regular telephone system which was more local in nature. As mentioned earlier, the very power of VoIP can be used against it if steps are not taken to "harden" the network.

Another reason for VoIP hacking is competitors. Taking down a businesses communications systems is far more serious than taking down a website. You can perhaps still operate when your site is down. But how can you do anything if you're cut off from everyone? Hackers typically use DDoS attacks to achieve this goal where they place a tremendous load on a server, thereby depriving it of space to handle genuine requests.

There are ways to protect your VoIP networks of course. You can separate different types of traffic, implement password management policies etc. But this requires advanced technical knowledge on your part and constant vigilance to keep up with the latest trends in VoIP security. Most businesses just don't have the time or the resources for this kind of thing. Which is why a hosted VoIP system makes the most sense for most companies. By outsourcing your infrastructure, you're letting professionals handle it and take responsibility for all the complex security related activities. You're left free to focus on your business and keeping your customers happy.

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