GPS Buying Guide

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GPS devices are now play a big role in our everyday lives. Just a few years ago, people had difficulty admitting that these devices could be more useful than maps. But even some of the skeptics have jumped on the bandwagon and become supporters of this great technology. At the end of the day, as long as you choose the right device, you can save a lot of money and time while enjoying a better ride.

If you are looking for a top GPS for your car, here are a few factors you should pay attention to:

Brand: brand is not everything, but it's good to know that the company you are planning to work with has a decent track record. Garmin and TomTom are known for providing the best overall navigation devices on the market. Navigon is known for its innovative 3D view functionality and free traffic service. Brand does matter.
Screen Size: If you are looking for a gadget that lets you keep your eyes on the road and provides you with an easy-to-ready set of instructions, you may want to go for a bigger screen. Garmin 7200 is one of the largest GPS devices on the market, but it certainly makes it easier to read the instructions as well.
Text-to-Speech: these days, you shouldn't settle for a gadget that does not reads the streets' names to you. It's much easier to find places when you can hear the name and keep your eyes on the road.
2D/3D view: most new navigation devices now provide you with "reality view" feature. They show you the building and highly detailed 3D graphics to help you find your destination easily.
User Interface: don't buy a GPS that makes you jump through the hoops to enter an address or track your location on a map. It gets annoying when you need to check something on your gadget but don't have an intuitive way to do it.
Lane Assistance: worried about not changing your lane in a highway soon enough? That's why you should go with a navigation package that lets you know ahead of time when you need to change your lane.
Bluetooth: many states are making it illegal for folks to talk on the phone and driving at the same time. Hands-free-calls are still allowed, however. If you are a big talker, you should choose a blue-tooth enabled model.
Choosing a top GPS for your car can take a bit of time. But the more information you get from your gadget, the better. Who wants to spend time looking on a map when you can get one of these gizmos to help you out!

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