Internet Service Providers Can Open Up a World of Nostalgia to Older Citizens

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It is always amazing when someone who was raised in the 1940s or 1950s refuses to learn how to use the Internet because they think there is no need for it. Folks who feel this way often believe the world-wide-web is a waste of time and an intrusion in the lives of people in general.

The reason this is unfortunate is because if these individuals had high-speed Internet access they would soon be enjoying the entertainment of their generation. In fact, the Internet is one of the few places that older citizens can still hear the music and radio programs from their youth.

Let's look at a case in point. A friend recently told me about his grandmother, whom we shall call Florence. Florence was born in 1933, so she was a teenager during WWII. As such, Florence was a huge fan of the big band music of the era. Since this was before television, Florence also used to listen to many old-time radio shows such as Jack Benny, Amos 'n' Andy and Fibber McGee & Molly. These shows had massive audiences - many shows drew more than 40,000,000 listeners, far more than any television show in recent history!

The problem Florence faces is that big band music and old-time radio shows are no longer offered on the television Florence has in her home. All she can get on her radio is news, modern music and political discussions. She may find an occasional radio program to her liking, but not with any regularity.

If Florence could only go online, she would soon find a wonderful variety of the very programs she listened to in the 1940s! And, amazingly enough, through the hard work of many radio & music enthusiasts, and through the magic of digitizing, much of the music and radio programming of the 40s and 50s is available today with crystal clear sound quality.

What is required for Florence to avail herself of all of this wonderfully nostalgic entertainment that would take her back to her youth? All she needs is a computer and someone to teach her the basics of using it. She also needs a list of Internet service providers in her area. Then Florence just needs to contact one of the providers to establish her very own broadband connection.

Once she is online, Florence will be able to listen to streaming radio stations that play nothing but the music of the 40s. There are scores of these stations that broadcast around the clock completely free of charge. She could also find websites like Yesterday USA or the Vintage Radio Place that play nothing but old-time radio shows 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or feature archives of old-time radio shows that she can listen to on demand!

One of the most magical features of the Internet is its ability to promote small niches that are not profitable to promote in mass-audience media outlets like broadcast television or network radio. Through the magic of the Internet, however, these markets thrive and gain enthusiastic supporters.

If you are like Florence, try not to be too quick to condemn the Internet. When you go online you may be able to fulfill your desire to once again experience the entertainment you have been craving for decades. It is online where Glen Miller and Benny Goodman still lead their bands. It is on the world-wide-web Fibber McGee and Molly still live on Wistful Vista Lane and where they still provide the wholesome programming that Florence remembers so fondly.

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