iPhones, Applications, and the Future of Best GPS 2011

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Imagine a small, portable electronic device that can do everything that you use gadgets for. It can give you turn-by-turn GPS directions. It can let you call and connect with your friends via text messaging and the internet. And it can even keep you entertained with music, movies, TV, and video games. Is this a pipe dream? No, it is Apple's iPhone.

While these small devices certainly have not reach the status of "doing everything we use gadgets for," it is certainly well on its way. 3G cell phone technology is creating a framework where all the technological advances humanity has made in the past 50-60 years and making available in the palm of our hands. GPS navigation and GPS tracking technology as well as the slew of advances in telecommunications, personal computing, and entertainment technology are all finding a home in the iPhone.

First off cell phones are all about telecommunications. We can now sound an amazing amount of information through the air around us which our cell phones are able to access in the blink of the eye. We can browse the web, make phone calls, text message, and countless other things all from the comfort of a single device. This is powerful technology and it isn't even that new! This alone is an outstanding feat and the iPhone does create do all of these extremely well.

Or you can point to the iPhone's quality integration of GPS technology. Their union with TomTom to provide high quality, reliable GPS navigation is certainly to be applauded. This pairing will get many of the loyal Apple users in the TomTom camp and bring many TomTom diehards over to Apple. But even this isn't very new or innovative in and of itself. Many other cell phones feature this type of navigation feature as well.

What makes the iPhone so unique is its ability to integrate it all together with user created applications. If you want to use GPS tracking to get an idea of when your husband is going to be home for dinner, the iPhone has an app for that. If you want to find out how much houses cost in the neighborhood that you are in, the iPhone has an app for that that uses the GPS chip inside the phone. If you want to buy cheap books, the iPhone has an app for that as well.

There is just so much the iPhone can do that it seems clear that devices like it are going to play a major part in the future of GPS tracking, cell phone communication, and personal entertainment for some time to come.

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