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A lot of people use top VoIP service and find it very convenient and cost-effective. Although VoIP phones offer a lot of features that can make managing your calls much more efficient, the typical subscriber tend to use just the very basic ones. While this may be fine for most people who have very simple calling needs anyway, some businesses and techie lovers may find it better to utilize some services that tend to be ignored for lack of exposure. In this article, we discuss some of the more advanced features available with a digital phone service.

One of the most useful among VoIP advanced features is SIP forking. SIP forking allows you to use just one phone number for a number of devices. For example, you can set up SIP forking so that clients can reach you on your mobile, your office phone and your home phone by dialing the same number for all three. That way, you never miss a single phone call even though you may be going about your normal routine. SIP forking is especially useful for businesses whose clientele may come from different time zones. By using SIP forking, you can take calls from clients without having to keep the office or shop open.

For business and other organizations that rely heavily on phone conferencing, another feature that can prove to be useful is HD Voice capability. The HD voice feature delivers a much higher call quality than regular telephonics. With this feature, the voice characteristics of the person speaking are very evident since the enhanced digital transmission preserves the original traits. Thus, in a phone conference with multiple users, it will be easy to identify who is talking. The message also comes across crisp and clear.

And because VoIP is an internet-based application, it can allow you to manage voicemail much more efficiently. Instead of having to physically access your voicemail machine, you can configure your account settings so that voicemail gets sent to your email address. That way, you have more options like listening to it directly, sorting and storing it according to files and folders, and even storing it indefinitely on your computer for reference purposes. All of these options are obviously not possible with a cumbersome voice machine.

There are a lot of VoIP features out there that can make your business run smoothly with the minimum of effort. And even better news is that new ones are being developed every day. If you have some specific needs in terms of managing and handling VoIP phone communications, ask your friendly customer service department about options. You might be surprised.

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