Wireless Broadband Internet

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Wireless broadband internet is a huge advance in technology, providing a much faster connection to the internet, compared with outmoded methods, such as dial-up, on top of the benefit of being more convenient than a wired broadband internet connection. The reason is due to the fact that using wireless broadband internet enables a person to use a standard desktop computer in addition to other desktops, laptops, or game consoles throughout the house, without the drawbacks associated with a wired broadband connection.

The drawbacks of a wired broadband connection include having to keep a main computer connected to the router, and depending on a particular family's needs, utilizing a lot of unsightly network cables that may have to be tacked to walls or over doorways. Not many people want to have 50 foot network cables running from their main desktop to every room of the house just to accommodate the broadband needs of the family. This is where using wireless broadband internet comes in.

The leading advantage of utilizing wireless broadband internet, for a technologically-inclined family, is the ability to use a game console such as the Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360, without interrupting other users in the home. While households without such capabilities, having to take turns (depending on how many connections their particular router hub is equipped with), and disconnecting and reconnecting cables so someone can switch to internet, or back to a game console, just becomes tiresome. Wireless users, however, are not hampered down with such restrictions on their usage. However, all of that is easily avoided when using wireless broadband internet and connecting all of the household's technology to one wireless router. This leaves the home free from multiple network cables running all over the place, and allows everyone in the home to use multiple laptops, game consoles, or the home desktop, all at the same time.

Networking an entire household to a wireless broadband internet connection is virtually hassle-free once all household technology is connected to the router. A decent wireless router can cost, on average, around $60.00, and can be found at retailers such as Best Buy, TigerDirect.com, or newegg.com, but can also be rented from a cable service provider, such as Verizon, Charter, or DirecTV, for a monthly fee of around $5.99 a month.

Saving time by not having to disconnect and reconnect a network cable every time someone wants to use the laptop, the computer or the Wii is definitely worth the price.

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