Different Styles of HTC Inspire

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The most popular cell phone cases are made with ABS plastic. The benefit to plastic is that it's relatively inexpensive, easy to mold and extremely durable. Plastic also offers many great and different kinds of designs. And if you've ever knocked your phone off a desk or banged it into the molding passing through a doorway, plastic is a great option. This is why you need a plastic case, cause it'll absorb and hits you take. The plastic does crack though, which is probably the only downfall of purchasing such a case. If there's too much shock for the case to handle, it will crack dispersing much of the energy rather than letting it pass through to the device like rubberized and silicone cases do.

Silicone is also an extremely popular material. Manufacturers use it to make skins and other thin cases. All silicone cases are very thin and lightweight which helps the user maintain its form. So when it comes to style, they provide the most. However, silicone cases are not nearly as good at protecting a phone from damage. They do ward off scratches and scuffs well enough, but it doesn't provide much protection if any at all if the phone falls to the floor or bangs against the wall.

A rubberized case somewhat meets in the middle of the plastic case and the silicone. Silicone is also a lot more comfortable than most plastic cases. The advantage that they have over silicone, like plastic, is that they provide real shock absorption. Rubberized cases have are bulkier but are made from very durable plastic and have very nice textured rubbery texture that will add grip. Like plastic cases, most rubberized cases are simply holders used for transport, and the user must take them off to use the device.

When choosing between silicone, rubberize and plastic cases, there is no right answer. Choosing the correct type of case really comes down to your lifestyle and how the device will be used. If you are tough on your device or merely yearn for maximum protection, then plastic tends to be the best option. However, if you're not hard on your phone and prefer to maintain the natural style of the phone, silicone is a good choice.

The HTC Inspire is an exciting new smart phone that gadget lovers are snatching up just as quickly as HTC can make them. Something else that is selling well is the wide range of HTC Inspire accessories that have been available since launch. HTC Inspire screen protectors and HTC Inspire cases are the most essential accessories that should be bought first. A case is a particularly important investment that everyone should own.

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