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A number of top end handsets that feature the very latest dual core processors have either recently been launched or are due for launch over the coming weeks. Typically these models are not only top end with regards to their speed but all of the other features that they boast maintain this top quality. Amongst these new handsets are two models which grab your attention and quite rightly so. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the newest offering from Samsung and follows on from the original Galaxy S model which was not only highly acclaimed but also one of the best selling handsets of 2010. Can its replacement model surpass the dizzy heights achieved by the original handset? The second model that stands out is the Sensation from HTC, the new flagship handset from a brand that has quickly established itself at the forefront of smartphone technology. So if you are looking for a top end handset, which of these two models should you opt for?

The centre piece of both handsets are the 1.2Ghz dual core processors that they both sport, enabling not only lightning quick operation but also impressive multi tasking. Look beyond these chips however and there are numerous other features that do vary slightly from one another. RAM is an area often overlooked by many prospective phone customers simply because they do not understand its significance. RAM stands for random access memory and is often referred to simply as memory. This is used for the short term storage of data and usually the bigger the RAM capacity then the faster the phone will operate. Taking this into consideration the fact that the S2 sports 1GB of RAM compared to the Sensations 768MB gives the Samsung handset a head start and also ensures that together with the great processor you will struggle to find a faster device on the market.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation both offer the same size 4.3 inch display there are slight differences in the actual technology on offer. Despite the HTC offering a higher resolution at 540 x 960 rather than 480 x 800, Samsungs decision to use Super AMOLED rather than Super LCD panels means material appears in more detail, not to mention that the phone achieves better viewing angles. One area where the Samsung is streets ahead is that it supports NFC. NFC stands for "Near Field Communication" and is a new method of paying for items via your mobile handset. Your phone has your debit card details stored and when passed in close proximity to a sensor payments can be made directly from your phone. This really is the future and gives this handset a huge advantage over the HTC.

There is no doubt that if you owned either of these phones you would not be disappointed, but if you want to make a considered decision on which handset is better then it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes out top in many departments.

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