Happy Feet GPS Systems For Long-Distance Cycling

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If you are worried about getting lost while on a long-distance bicycle ride or you are considering some cycling tourism, you might like to know that there are now Cyclist GPS gadgets that attach to the handle bars, these come in handy when you need to change your route, it happens. On my long-distance bike ride down the California Coast, I was able to locate a couple of very tiny side roads to get me around the washed out PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) when the detour showed about a 30-mile detour, that would have taken me up about 1600 feet in elevation, pretty much ruining that days mileage. Luckily, locals helped me out on that one.

Today, a GPS device would have shown the alternate route, without even breaking my stride. Garmin makes several very lightweight and durable GPS handlebar-mount devices, with backlights for night, which come with an array of options depending on your needs. For around $300-400 you can buy a Garmin GPS 605 and for $100 more order a chip from their website with all streets in North America.

The Garmin 705 Bundle Model, which runs between $600-700 comes with cadence and heart monitor for optimum efficiency and performance, and comes with all the North American roads, plus the basics that measure distance, speed, time, etc. Not long ago, I purchased such a unit and took off on a 180-mile two-day ride and the Garmin unit was sufficient and helped out a lot, especially excellent was the elevation notations. This device also tells you your heart rate, best speed, and records the history of the ride, which you can download to your computer.

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