HTC Releases the Android Inspire 4G Smartphone

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HTC recently created a revolution in the Smartphone market with its cost effective Wildfire. The model was branded as one of the cheapest Smartphone with adequate features and effective touch. The model became quite popular and even the user ratings were good. It was however a 3G handset and with the world going 4G HTC has launched its newest handset in 4G. Its latest innovation on the Android platform is the Android Inspire 4G Smartphone. The handset is as useful as it is good to look at. You might want to read a few words before you go for the buy.

With the new HTC inspire 4G phone to be launched you might find it very difficult to even take a look at other phones. This baby sports a size zero figure-or so to say- built from aluminium Uni-body design with minimum plastic and maximum glass on back and front respectively. With a massive 4.3-inch screen showing off not so impressive 800x480 pixels it dwarfs the iPhone on the display front (as far as size is concerned). Impressed with the looks? Hold on! There's more to follow. The phone is not a mere attractive look but also power packed with features.

Also the phone is supported by the latest android 2.2 Froyo OS, and with the android market bursting with new apps being added everyday (its supposedly going to overtake apple's app store on that front), android is definitely the firmware you want to have on your phone. However, while you might find most of the apps that you've previously found useful, not all the apps on the android market are that impressive. It is advisable to read the comments and check the ratings before you actually download the application.

Coming to the hardware, it's nothing short of impressive. This beast makes do with a Qualcpmm 1ghz snapdragon CPU with 768mb of ram and 1gb of rom. Not to forget the 3.5mm audio jack with Dolby mobile and SRSWOW HD enhancement. The sound quality is thus quite impressive in this particular Smartphone. This is contrary to the other HTC models which have quite poor performance sound wise. In addition one gets a proximity sensor, light sensor and an accelerometer along with Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth & HSPA+ support. Not to forget the 8mp camera with dual led flash capable of recording full 720p HD videos. So if you are a person keen on clicking round the clock this is just the thing for you. The camera gives what it promises; crystal clear images and decent High Definition videos. Also powering this monster is an equally monstrous 1230mah battery driving it through a day easily with moderate usage.

Available for purchase at just $99 dollar this multitasking behemoth definitely enters the buys list near the top if you just ignore its few shortcomings. HTC has definitely worked on all the complaints its past few handsets received and this particular model seems to drive the point home that it is a smarter Smartphone.

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