IPhone Dialers Fill in the Gaps in Device Functionality and Add a Little Fun As Well

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One of the advantages to owning an iPhone is the library of third party applications that fill in the gaps where weaknesses in the preloaded applications leave a little something to be desired. One case that illustrates this is in the iPhone dialer. Due to the limited functionality of the built in dialer, many third party iPhone dialers have been developed to improve on this everyday task. Voice dialing has been a particular bugaboo for many users but not surprisingly third party developers have responded.
iPhone dialers range in features with the most vibrant offering to keep track of the numbers you have called, download a picture to represent your stored numbers, send text messages, view the contacts and so on. You may even find a feature on your iPhone dialer that will show you on a map where your contact is located. You can also find dialers that are just for fun such as an old fashioned rotary iPhone dialer. In fact, the rotary dialer is one of the more popular applications. iPhone dialers are available to allow you to use voice dialing as well. Many of the popular iPhone dialers are free.
Among the iPhone dialers available today are those designed to take advantage of voice over the Internet protocol (VoIP). Some of these are very full featured and allow you to connect your iPhone through SIP or IP based phone system. This allows you to take advantage of services such as Skype, Google Talk, and MSN so that you can make free IP-based calls. This is a big advantage for businesses since some of these iPhone dialers will also integrate with PBX systems. These systems also boast special features such as caller ID. Some iPhone dialers are integrated with instant messaging and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a popular feature since use of these sites is becoming more and more widespread.
Among some of the newest dialers are those that connect to voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services and allow you to use the Internet to make your calls. This allows you to avoid using cellular talk time minutes and long distance charges. Some of these dialers do require that you pay a fee for their service and that you connect through their system so you will need to do some investigating to see what is best for you.
The lack of voice dialing capabilities on the iPhone has baffled its users and those that follow the market. Third party apps have taken care of that problem with the most promising of the iPhone dialers allowing you use voice commands for dialing. And there are quite a few iPhone dialers with voice capability out there. They vary in accuracy and ease of use and due to limitations of the device, not the applications, most don’t work well with Bluetooth or allow you to dial without looking at the screen. It is likely, however, that over time Apple will respond to complaints by users and get these problems fixed.
So the long and short of it is that you are certain to be able to find an iPhone dialer that suits your tastes. If you can’t find it today, just keep checking back. It’s sure to be available soon since there is probably a developer working on it right now.

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