Submitting To The Android Market?

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Thanks to Android's open door policy on applications, it's incredibly easy to submit an application to the market place under the pretense that the best apps will float to the top, but that can sometimes encourage lazy app making and many people ship products with bugs and serious security problems that can undermine your efforts on the platform, in this article I will be looking at the advantage of software testing within the Android market place.

One of the most refreshing things about the Android market is the fact that it's emphasis isn't on gimmicks and polish completely, it allows complete control over a handset so the only thing that limits your imagination is yourself but at the same time people add and remove applications at the first sing of a bug due to their lightweight nature, so you want to be as bug free as possible.

Software testing can not also ensure that compatibility with as many handsets as possible is achieved but also that all major and minor bugs can be squashed in time for launch because there's nothing worse than a flood of people downloading your program, finding bugs or slowdown and leaving it a terrible review. Nobody is going to want to use you over a competitor if your reviews are hideous in comparison. You'll never be able to replicate the advantages of good software testing on your own.

And that's the advantage of testing your software for mobile platforms, this is a sink or swim industry and if you can't prove your product within the first 5 minutes, you're toast.

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