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The Inception of the iPhone has lead to the development of numerous applications that have enabled users to perform a number of tasks in an expedited and user friendly manner. The iPhone is a device that allows users to carry out a number of different tasks ranging from personal to purely business ones. You can easily take good quality pictures, play games as well as browse the internet and send/receive email. This versatility is what makes the iPhone such a popular device amongst the general populace. There are a number of iPhone applications available for purchase and it is a bit difficult to choose the top ten ones. However a good place to start is to ask veteran iPhone users.

On the other hand, there are some applications that are extremely common and popular amongst a variety of users. For people who prefer to play games and spend some time in order to relax should go for the application known as cube runner. The game is based upon avoiding cubes that fall down from the top of the screen. You can avoid the falling cubes by tilting the phone on every side. On the other hand, Para Panic is also an extremely popular game that involves little Para troopers falling from the sky and one has to hold down on them in order to allow them to fall on ships instead of rocks or the sea.

There are also applications that allow you to receive regular sport updates. For this purpose, one of the most popular applications is known as ESPN's Score Center. This application basically provides users with real live updated scores as well as giving the option of saving your favorite teams. Mobile banking is also something that is widely used on the iPhone because it allows users to save precious time.

Thus it can be clearly seen that iPhone applications are extremely handy and valuable.

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