Verizon FiOS Availability Getting Better By the Day Fast VoIP

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With Verizon FiOS availability getting better by the day, you might soon be in the range of the nation's largest consumer oriented 100% fiber optic network. What does this mean to you? It might mean a few things:

* It could be time to see if your cable or DSL contract is almost up! Who wants to pay for those services when blazing fast fiber optic connections are available?
* Is your provider partnering with FiOS? Some ISPs are assisting FiOS in their expansion and patterning with them. See if your provider is doing so and ask about upgrading!
* Get a fast computer! FiOS offers ridiculously fast fiber optic connections that can actually strain netbooks and other low-end or older computers. That's just how fast the service really is. You want to get what you pay for, so be sure that your computer is up to the task!
* Know the new features. It pays to know the new features you'll have available, such as set top apps, the ability to remotely manage a DVR, and on-screen caller ID complete with the ability to send callers to the voicemail or engage the DVR with the remote control. No more interruptions during your favorite shows!
* Decide which channels you want. There are so many channels and quality options to choose from with Verizon FiOS that you could very well end up spending hours just deciding which options or blocks are right for you.
* Kiss your phone goodbye! It is time to kiss your old phone goodbye and say hello to unlimited long distance on crystal clear VoIP powered lines and incredibly low international rates to countries that have VoIP services. Even countries without VoIP carriers offer great deals.
* Get ready to save big bucks. By bundling services it is possible to save a lot of money, but it is possible to save even more with the green set top boxes and green fiber optic technologies. Not only is the service fast and full of features, it is great for the environment and keeping green pieces of paper in your wallet where they belong!

Now you know what expanding Verizon FiOS availability means to you, it is time to start researching when it is coming to your area. Sadly, that information seems to be hard to come by until it is almost time so be alert and prepared for the best deals possible.

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