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This is a great time for iPhone users who want to use voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to place calls. The recent announcement by Apple that it would no longer withhold support from developers who were working to produce iPhone SIP client applications (session initiation protocol) was met with a big round of applause. Finally iPhone SIP, and consequently, iPhone SIP client apps, is widely available. SIP has become increasingly popular since it allows users to place calls to virtually anywhere in the world using the Internet. This means no charges for cell phone minutes, no long distance charges and no roaming fees. SIP has the capability to do much more than just telephony, but for iPhone SIP client applications that is the big appeal.
For those looking for a stable and user friendly iPhone SIP client app, the time since the introduction of the iPhone have been frustrating to say the least. Apple’s strategic decision not to support SIP was considered troublesome with respect to the future of iPhone VoIP. In fact, Apple’s persistent refusal not only to block development but to prohibit VoIP calls from being made via cellular networks was widely criticized. The situation with not being able to use cellular networks persists even today and iPhone SIP client users are required to use wi-fi networks to make their calls. But there have been big strides made and iPhone users are thrilled they are catching up in terms of iPhone SIP client apps.
The reason behind Apple’s hesitancy to embrace iPhone SIP client software makes sense for its partner AT&T who has long feared that providing iPhone SIP client access over the cellular network would cause its revenue base in traditional cellular minutes to decline. While this fear is probably justified, it didn’t sit well with iPhone users who clamored for high quality  action VoIP via iPhone SIP client software to match their awesome, but expensive, phones. Luckily, recent developments are great for users. Third party developers continue to bring new iPhone SIP client apps to the market and you can even download selected apps from the Apple iPhone store.
A recent major development which indicates that iPhone SIP client service is here to stay was the announcement that Skype had completed development of its own iPhone SIP client tool. Other major developers have also introduced programs. To take advantage of iPhone SIP client apps you just select a VoIP provider, install the necessary software, and off you go. Of course, you’ll have to find yourself a wi-fi network but that shouldn’t be too difficult.
As an added benefit, iPhone SIP client applications enable iTouch users to turn their iPod into a phone. This feature has generated as much excitement as any other. Of course, iPhone SIP client apps are not a total solution for the iTouch since you much have wi-fi access but they do offer a great deal of flexibility.
All in all, iPhone users are pretty happy at the moment. iPhone SIP client apps open up a whole new dimension of possibilities. Third party app development has really just begun and so the limits right now are only imagination and resources of the developer community. Enjoy!

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