Cheap International Calls

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Finally its year end. We blogged about multiple VOIP providers throughout the year and the search is still on for the cheapest VOIP provider who can offer cheap international calls. I guess, We found one finally.

Its by far the cheapest VOIP provider (comparing quality and reliablity). Thanks to Tringme.

I am sure most of you are aware of Tringme. Tringme is a VOIP startup from Bangalore, India and has been the news more than skype :-)

TringMe was in private beta for a long time and now they are officially open to public. Tringme also developed a great light weight Flash Phone application called TringPhone which works in a web browser. Its probably the most light weight flash phone in the market, its just 76 kb with core functionality is just about 3 kb, thats insanely low. No wonder the Tringphone client loads within fraction of second.

Lets see how you can use Tringme to make or receive cheap international calls

1) Push-N-Talk: Push and Talk is a web-based widget to receive calls from your party. You can get your free push-n-talk widget in your tringme account. Just copy-paste the code in any of the favorite social networking websites such as orkut, facebook etc, so people can call you.

Advantages: Stay anonymous and still receive calls.

2)Tring Me Google Talk Intergration: If you prefer to receive voicemails and phone calls on Gtalk, then select "Gtalk" option and specify the Gtalk ID where TringMe should reach you. Please note that you will need to add "" as a your friend in Gtalk to receive calls and voicemails on Gtalk.

3) Tring Phone: You can use this light weigth SIP based VOIP application as pure SIP softphone or use it as a VOIP Phone.

a) TringPhone with external SIP account: You can set a external SIP provider in TringPhone and make calls using the provider. This way you can make free calls to certain countries if your SIP provider is allowing that feature and your tringme credits wont be charged.

b) You can use TringPhone to make cheap international calls to over 50+ countries at dirt cheap rates. You need to buy credits.

So Whats so great about Tringme?

Tringme is offering some great rates to some destinations especially India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. To give you an example:

India is about 5.6 cents per minute (However we asked TringMe to offer some special price for Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, so the rates for these 3 cities are now only 5 cents). Pakistan is even cheaper at 3.54 cents/min and Bangladesh is about 4.08 cents per minute. Its not just India, but they have some great rates for other countries. You can check the rates from your account page.

I know some of you would argue that betamax is offering cheaper rate for international calls. Well, we all known the betamax story, if not read our post about 5 things you didn't know about betamax. They also offer connection charges and often change rates without notice.

betamax has zero customer service and has multiple billing issues. We believe TringMe can not only offer you good customer service but promptly provide quality service.

Is there anything special for being a VOIP Guide reader?

Yes, you bet. Being a reader of VOIP Guide, you would always be pampered with better and cheaper deals than what market gets. We negotiated a deal with Tringme, whereby anyone who buys credit will get 10% additional credit into their account within 2 days (in most case on the same day). Since this offer is exclusively available for our readers, Tringme will offer you this amount by manually adding 10% extra credit to your account.

Remember to use our links to sign up or top up credit in order to get this special offer.

Now you can call India from 5 cents per minute. I hope the effort that we took in negotiating the offers with TringMe will help you in making cheap international calls.

Finally, Merry Christmas to everyone. Go make calls to your loves ones with Tringme

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