Betamax VOIP freezes accounts

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During Last one week, I have received increasing number of email from Betamax VOIP services users claiming that betamax has involuntarily stopped their services and they can't login/use the services anymore. Its not just 1 or 2 people but the number is huge.

At first, I thought it could be a glitch in their system but now it seems betamax is showing their true colours? Are they trying to nab your $$$ and run away?

People claimed that, "Hi All,
I had no problems with nonoh until Jan 08. I have 7.70euros in my nonoh acount and I cant make my calls. It keeps saying disconnected due to unknown error. The worst part is they froze my voipcheapcom account as well and I had 4.31euros in that account. I discovered nonoh and voipcheapcom are run by the same company. I have contacted their customer service but got no response. Has anyone had a similar problem and got it resolved? Any help will be greately appreciated."

another one, "NONOH is started their fraudent nature? Now a days they charged the free destination too . Eg: If you live in US and call in US within your freecall days they are charging now a days. They calling it as 'FUP'- This Phone-to-Phone conversation has exceeded our FUP (Fair Use Policy) therefore you have been charge our standard rates for this call . However i send couple mail to their customer service no reply yet. I recently top up the account so there is no chance to cross the freecall days. anyone have this kind of experience with NoNOH ?"

and this one, "I put money too, after that i did make free calls, but after another 1week, i couldn't make free call, every call was charged 2 Euro cents ,saying "This Phone-to-Phone conversation has exceeded our FUP (Fair Use Policy) therefore you have been charge our standard rates for this call"

apparently increasing number of people are claiming that Betamax is shutting down their account without any warning and they are loosing all the money. There is also a discussion thread on Tipsity about something fishy about Betamax I didn't hear anything from the betamax resellers yet, I hope they are OK for now.

So Whats the story behind this sudden increase in banning users off their VOIP platforms? Overusage Patterns? Not following FUP? Can't afford to offer services at this low price?

Can someone from betamax please stand up and answer this?

I also heard over at Tipsity that some people are forming a group and going to sue betamax in court. I don't know what will be the outcome but this looks more than natural to me :-)

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