icallfree offers Free VOIP Calls

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It's been a long time since we discussed about FREE VOIP calls. Seriously, no free calls provider found for one full week must be something strange :-) However we finally found one. This VOIP provider should allow you to make calls to over 20 odd countries.

While lurking around the internet to search for that next FREE VOIP calls provider, we stumbled across icallfree. A totally free calling service very similar to Click2call. Its absolutely identical, besides the fact that icallfree provides free calls to some countries not covered by click2call.

icallfree currently offers free calls to over 20 countries. Some of the read odd ones are Malaysia, colombia, Thailand etc which typically never make it to the Free Calling Country list.

The only catch however is you can only make free calls for 5 mins per call with a restriction of 3 calls in a day.

Now a possible hack: If you have dynamic IP, you can refresh your IP each time you complete your call limit of 15 minutes per day. With a new IP address, you can make calls all over again.

Since you guys would be using this extensively, we have grabbed the Dialer Code so you can make calls from our blog itself.

USE the Following Dialer to Make Free Calls

How to Call:

1) Select your Country and Enter your number In Area Code+ Phone number format
2) Now Select destination Country and Enter Area Code+ Phone number
3) Click Call
4) Your phone rings, pick up and wait some seconds
5) Call with be connected with the destination number.

You can come back to this post and make calls everyday.

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