SabseBolo offers Free Conference Call Service in India

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VOIP is really coming off age in India and it's becoming mainstream. We have seen many VOIP services coming up in India lately mainly Tringme. Now it seems India will now enjoy first ever free conference call service in India.

SabseBolo, a free conference call service is the mastermind of Sabeer Bhatia (needs no intro) and Yogesh Patel. Till late 2007, a free conference call service in India could have been regarded as Joke but not anymore. With the latest trends in VOIP and telephony in India market looks impressive. SabseBolo seems to be using VOIP as their backend however we are not 100% sure of this fact.

Let's see how we can use this Free Conference Call service:

1) SabseBolo offers free conference call services in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
2) SabseBolo works via Access Numbers, so no PC to Phone or softphone to deal with. You can just your landline or mobile to call their access number and use conference PIN code to connect to the conference call.
3) Sabsebolo offers 3 levels of conference call service. Basic conference call service is FREE which offers one conference ID which you can share with other people who would like to attend conference. You can use the service 24X7. Schedule your conference. Paid services can give you higher priviledge such as recording your calls etc, more of business conference call services. Please note it's extremely cheap only about $50-$75 per month for businesses to talk to each other across the states.
4) How can i use it? Avoid making STD calls to your friends and family. Just signup at Sabsebolo and share your conference ID with people.
5) To initiate a free conference call, you and your participants should call one of access numbers, enter the conference ID number followed by a # sign and then enter the 4digit pin number followed by a # sign. You will be connected to the other participants and you can start your conference call!

This could be a extremely helpful conference call service for individuals/small business or large businesses. SabseBolo has definately taken the first step towards free communication across India.

If you are already a user of SabseBolo do let us know how you find this conference call service or start using it today.

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