PokeTalk offers free international calls

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Lately many VOIP Provider prefer offering cheap international calls instead of Free International calls. However this market is still alive and there are VOIP Providers who are ready to explore this as an oppotunity.

PokeTalkis based out of Isreal, however they offer free international calls to a lot of countries. Poketalk is purely advertisement based free international calling service. You will see ads targeted to your country or your interest (you select while signing up). Since Poketalk is still new, you might not find the advertisment to be too relevant, however am sure they would improve.

Poketalk currently offers only 5 minutes of free calls from Landlines and 2 minutes to mobile. 2 minutes is probably too less to even try :-). 5 minutes can be at times pretty good to chat a little bit and hang up. Who would complain about a free international call?

They currently only offer calls FROM following countries:

-UK (landlines)
-Germany (landlines)

We justed tested Poketalk. They served us a few ads instantly and connected the call. It's purely a Phone to Phone service, so you must enter your number and the enter destination number. Poketalk first calls you and then connect the party. However we noticed that call quality is not all that great. The test call was made from my singapore landline to singapore mobile, the quality was OK. There was a delay in voice. I ain't gonna complain much about a free international call service.

Give them a try and you might see some different results. Lets us know your thoughts on Poketalk.

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