Tokiva launches improved Free VOIP service

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While looking back to VOIP Guide, we noticed there are many VOIP providers simply missed out in the Archives. Today we look at one of this interesting Free VOIP service and cheap international calling service called Tokiva.

Tokiva VOIP had many issues when they launched about 6-8 months back. We tried their service back then and noticed that there was a serious quality of service issue. I guess they got enough feedback from their customers to realise that they need to improve their VOIP service and quality.

It seems Tokiva has improved a lot from where they started. We tried to use their service and it works good. The best part is Tokiva is a Phone to Phone VOIP service which gives users even more flexibility to make cheap international calls.

You must be wondering if Tokiva is a cheap international VOIP provider how on earth I would make Free International calls? Well, Tokiva has a unique referral system. The more you invite the more referral credits you would get. Of course, you can use these credits to make totally free international calls. Signup to Tokiva and make Free Calls.
There is a catch. If you are not a paid customer, Tokiva will only allow upto 3 minutes per free international call and then disconnect the call. You can try calling again. I guess you can only make 3 calls in a day. You should check on this yourself. However if you are a paid customer, there are no restrictions. You can also transfer credits to other users etc.

Overall, Tokiva is a satisfactory VOIP service. With referral scheme, It can be a good alternative to make totally free international calls and if you can afford their rates, then you can always try cheap international calls with Tokiva.

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