VOIP SIP Client for Windows Mobile 6

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There are huge number of Windows Mobile users who still never used VOIP due to multiple incompatibility issues in the past. Today's post aims at solving these VOIP issues and discusses a way to setup VOIP on Windows Mobile 6 Device.

Thanks to Priyanka for sending this article. Priyanka is one of the most active reader and contributor of VOIP Guide.

Priyanka had been facing issues using Fring on Windows Mobile 6, mainly related to incoming calls and SIP configuration is not properly saved.

To overcome this issue, Lets find an alternative to Fring.

Here's the solution. I have been able to use VOIP without FRING, using windows mobile itself. Actually wm6 has the capability of VOIP which the providers like AT&T / T mobile etc do not enable.

This feature is called Internet Calling. The trick is to enable the feature. I have downloaded 2 files and installed on the PDA. (you need to register to download both files)

Follow these steps:

1) Download MajikVOIP.cab: You will have to be registered member to download this file.

2)SipConfigTool_2_0_1.CAB : This tool will provision the device for using with 3G ( ie we give the sip settings here). This tool is explained nicely here with screen shots at this page

3)Install both the files and Restart your phone.

4)Do the sip settings using program sip config tool ( downloaded in step 2). enable the sip over 3g/gsm see screenshots url for details. Say you gave the name of provider as VOIP

5)Now go to the start -> settings -> select phone you get a new tab Internet calling. select option whenever available.

6)On the main screen you will see a phone icon with description VOIP ( you entered name of provider VOIP in (step 4 ) After connecting using 3G or wifi, You will see the status displayed as VOIP: Available.

7)To call using voip provider click on the phone icon ( ref step 6), the status will change to VOIP: Selected. This means, if you call now, the call will go out through your VOIP provider using 3G or WIFI.

The call quality using 3G may be crappy at times in US. I use HTC PDA and I am able to do outgoing voip calls. You will be able to recieve calls also on that VOIP number too. The only problem I had was to recognise if the call came to the VOIP number or to the Cellphone number. In USA incoming is not free. But i would say its tried and tested and it works !! Note the audio comes through the back speaker for VOIP calls. Hence you may use a headset.

Remember to try it out at your own risk. This article has technically enabled a non-VOIP Phone into a Mobile VOIP Phone. Now you can make Free international calls or cheap international calls with your Mobile. No need to download or use SIP softphone or webcall feature anymore.

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