Yupeephone offers unlimited calls to India

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Almost 50% people coming to VOIP Guide are always looking for Free Calls to India or Unlimited calls to India Deals. Today we found another VOIP Provider who offers unlimited calls to India.

Anyone remembers JoiPhone? I am sure most of you do. Unfortunately they received more negative reviews than positive ones. There are however still some people on the unlimited calling plan with Joiphone and are happy about it. However most of the unlimited calls to India plan people have either cancelled or quit the contract.

Ramesh Kumar from Bangkok has shared with us another such provider called YupeePhone. YupeePhone seems to be a US based VOIP Provider and they have UNLIMITED calls to over 60 destinations worldwide including India.

The good part is India is included in the Landline + Mobile Unlimited Calling Package. We hope that it includes all the mobile services.

The Monthly Unlimited Calling Package is charged at $19.95 per month + Taxes if any.

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It's extremely important that we analyse the hidden cost and Whats being offered by this VOIP Provider. So lets take a quick look at what we will get under this Monthly Unlimited Calling Package.

The complete package includes :

1) a digital telephone device or adapter, you get to choose between the two. They do not lock our devices.

2) a $22 credit to use either with the Monthly Unlimited or Pay As You Go plan. The free credit does not expire and will remain in your account until it is fully used.

3) there is no contract or cancellation fee. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Note: These money back gurantees can be debated, so don't get too lured by that.

4)It seems they offer a Grandstream BT102 or a Linksys VOIP Adapter.
5)They also seem to have a Local Access Numbers to make Calls. I guess this would be mostly be used under Pay as you Go plans.

6) The most important point is they also have a Fair Usage Policy but it's not very clear just like everyone else in the VOIP industry. The more confusing fair usage policy a VOIP company would make, its better for them to dispute later for overusage. People might need to check on what are their expectations. Allowing only 1000 minutes per month and saying we give unlimited calls to India will not be any good.

Overall looks like a promising service. Remember you have to shell out $74.95 in the first month and then $19.95 each month. $74.95 includes IP telephone/VOIP Adapter and $22 free international calling credit.

If anyone manages to contact their support team and get any answer of Fair Usage Policy, do post under comments. Looks like another promising VOIP service we can look at.

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