FizzCall offers cheap international phone calls

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This is by far the cheapest international call offer in the market. It's for India, South Africa, you name the country and this is the cheapest calling rate offer we have found.

Today we talk about a UK based VOIP Provider called FizzCall. When one of the founds Thomas contacted me last week, I wasn't too confident what FizzCall can offer us. However, after testing their service for last 5 days, I am totally amazed by their call rates and quality of service. Both Top Notch. I seriously hope the quality of the call remains high as this review will make their Call switch heavy at times :-)

Fizz Call is startup by Thomas Sheppard (one of the founders), who left his day job to build this VOIP Service. I have been interacting with Thomas for over a week and he seems to be very focused and serious about FizzCall, which is one of the missing links in our providers such as Betamax.

You said FizzCall is the cheapest? What's so special about FizzCall?

FizzCall offers cheap call to international destinations (cover the globe except a few country dialcodes). Each Call is 30 GB Pens, which is about 55 US Cents. Please note these rates are per call not per minute. That means each call you make, you only pay 55 US Cents and you can talk upto 60 minutes. The call automatically gets disconnected after 60 minutes. Of course you can make a call to the same destination again.

Let's do a simple calculation, you make a call to India. You are charged 55 US Cents, your call will last for 60 minutes. Now how much you exactly paid per minute?

55 Cents/60 minutes = 0.9 cents (Less than 1 cent per call). That's huge and definately the cheapest in the market. However, Please note that once your call is started irrespective of whether you use for 60 minutes or 10 minustes, FizzCall will charge you 55 cents. So this is for power VOIP Callers, who make endless calls to their friends and family. I know there are many of us who do.

Secondly, FizzCall is only Phone to Phone. You need to enter your number and then party's number and click dial. FizzCall will call you back and then connect your party. This is old skool and works best for everyone. Remember Betamax charges you for both the legs of the call but FizzCall doesn't. I said WOW.

Another biggest advantage of using FizzCall is you can start exploring their service as low as 1.50 Pounds. They offer only Google Checkout.

I just want to openly advice Thomas/FizzCall that please keep high quality of service and offer competitive prices and the customers will be yours :-)

Guys, give them a try and let us know your feedback on FizzCall. Thomas would be here to answer your questions and of course to improve on things which can only make them better.

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