3CX offers Free VOIP SIP softphone

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are you fed up of using X-lite? Got no clue How to setup a SIP provider of X-lite? or Just love to explore more SIP Phones which can do a better job? Then 3CX has released a great VOIP SIP Phone for your needs.

3CX is a leading Windows Based PBX developer. The new 3CX VoIP Phone, unlike other free soft phones, has a straight forward, business-style interface and includes important business features such as call transfer.

So What's so great about 3CX VOIP Phone which we don't usually find in other Industry Leading VOIP/SIP softphones such as X-lite.

1) X-lite has one Free and Enterprise version, The free version doesn't allow multiple SIP Provider to be connected at once. These limitations can be overcomed in 3CX VOIP Phone.
2) Not proprietary – can be used with most popular IP PBXs and VoIP providers
3) STUN support for NAT/firewall traversal
4) Supports G.711 (A-Law and u-Law), GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs
5) Totally FREE. No Licenses or Yearly Charges.

For any serious VOIP users, 3CX VOIP Phone isn't another SIP Phone. It's a must-have and looking at 3CX's experience in PBX market, I am confident 3CX VOIP Phone is as good as any other VOIP Phone or even better. One of the key features of 3CX VoIP Phone is its integration with Microsoft Outlook. Users can launch calls directly from their contacts' list within Outlook by just right-clicking on the name of the person they wish to call. If you have used an application called CoreBridge earlier, 3CX will work very similar to that.

You can download 3CX VOIP Phone right a way and test it with your favorite VOIP Provider.

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