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I know how difficult it is to get a free phone number anywhere in the world. Don't worry, VOIP Guide has come for a rescue. This is a must read post if you don't want to miss on the offer.

The best Indian VOIP startup, Tringme has again set high standards for their competitors by launching "? Incoming Phone Number service". You can get a Phone number anywhere in the world. This is the best part of the service.

Incoming numbers are extremely important for businesses and even individuals who would like to communicate with clients/friends locally. Imagine you are from Singapore and have clients in USA, would you ask them to call a Singapore number or they would prefer a USA number? You must make the communicate smoother for your client. This incoming number which your client will call can be forwarded to your landline or mobile number, so you receive calls without a hitch.

The service is not FREE but you are reading VOIP Guide-- No.1 Free VOIP Website in the world. You MUST get special deals. Tringme has agreed to give us 50 Free Phone USANumbers. The numbers are available for FREE for 3 months. If you like to get a number in other countries, you may buy one from Tringme. Its just $1 for any number in the world for 3 months, $5 for 6 months and $9 for 1 year, this is excessively cheap. I highly doubt anyone offers incoming numbers at this price.

Tringme has also upgrades their website and made it extremely sleek and easy to use. The TringPhone has moved to the Dashboard from where you will notice your Incoming Number assigned to you.

In order to qualify for a Free Phone Number from Tringme. Please comment on this post with Your User-ID (You can get this once you log into Tringme, Then go to General Settings-Your User-ID). You would double your chances, if you digg this post.

I will declare the winners after consulting with Tringme Team. If you are not already registered, then you must first register at Tringme.

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