FizzCall to terminate unlimited call service on October 10

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Most of the FizzCall Customer will probably know this by now. However, It's important to analyse What exactly went wrong at FizzCall.

Fizzcall suddenly stopped Registrations and buy credits option on their website. They also sent users an update on FizzCall terminating all unlimited calls service on October 10.

The email says, "You may have noticed that today we suspended purchases and sign-ups on the Fizzcall website. This is due to an announcement sent to us today by our main supplier (BT) stating that as of the 10th of October 2008 they will cease to provide the service that we use. This change affects all of their customers, including us.

So What Exactly went wrong at FizzCall?

FizzCall was using BT's Web21SDK (Callflow API) service which allows developers to use BT's infrastructure to make calls. The CallFlow API allows each developer to make certain number of calls totally free and if they want to use more, they can buy talktime from BT at rock bottom prices. Now you probably know why FizzCall was able to provide service at such dirt cheap price.

The Party is now over atleast till the time BT rejuvenates Web21SDK in Ribbit. BT has taken over Ribbit, another similar API based Callflow service which preety much competes with Web21SDK. It seems BT will now work on the integration and take the best of both worlds and build a Ribbit Web21SDK CallFlow API service however its uncertain whether they would actually continue to offer unlimited calls service and the ability to buy minutes at cheap price. They might do or they might not.

This simply means any service running on Web21SDK (Terminated from October 10) can't run any longer. Its not just fizzcall but any other service enjoying the comforts of BT's infra is now pretty much on the road.

You can either ask for refund if you have any money in FizzCall or just use it up. Thomas and Rus I believe can repay your funds. Most obviously they are keeping a close tab on the new offering by BT, so that they can rejuvenate FizzCall.

Mark the date on your calender to use FizzCall. Make the most of it. The best way is probably just use the credit and make some calls to your loved ones.

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