Pigeon VOIP offers worldwide VOIP Calls from India at Rs.1

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We already covered this new when it was in concept stage but now it seems its live and available for people in India. You can now make calls to over 100 countries from India at Rs.1 per minute.

Thanks to Mohsin for sending over the news. MTNL and Aksh Optifibre has started VOIP service under the new brand name Pigeon VOIP. Although sounds like a funny brand name for VOIP service, with MTNL as backbone can we expect some decent PSTN quality?

Who can use Pigeon VOIP?
Any MTNL Broadband subscriber can apply for Pigeon VoIP service. You can take multiple VoIP on one landline and send it to different locations and use it as a hot line between friends, relatives across the globe. This feature is cool however we need to know which locations we can forward this?

This service is only available in Delhi and Mumbai. However, you can take second Pigeon VOIP and take it anywhere you want as long as you have broadband connection.

Pigeon VOIP works on SIP, so it's a standard VOIP service. However it would be great if we know their SIP address, then we can pretty much hack into their SIP and do lot of stuff like call forwards to multiple locations, call from anywhere in the world to any Pigeon VOIP customer in India for FREE. They give you a 8 digit SIP ID number starting with 2. Lets guess what the SIP address could be? sip.pigeonvoip??

Pigeon VOIP however only allows Pigeon to Pigeon calls upto 400 minutes every month thereafter it is charged at 20paise per minute. This is unbelievable but considering that people would then call each other for free, this is obviously put into place to make money. Technically, this should be free for unlimited calls. The moment I know the SIP address of Pigeon VOIP, I will write a comprehensive tutorial to make MTNL poor :-)

For newbies, Pigeon VOIP works just like your landline. They will provide you with a VOIP adapter which they would hook into your Broaband modem (MTNL gives ADSL i guess). Now from VOIP Adapter, they would hook one line into your regular landline phone jack. Now you can use Pigeon VOIP as your landline phone.

Now the biggest Question, How much would Pigeon VOIP Cost?

1) One time Installation Charges Rs.100/- which is charged with the first MTNL bill.
2) Monthly Rental Rs.150/- charged in MTNL bill (Standard Rip-off)
3) Free ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) with the connection (some Relief, you probably save around $30 here)
4) 400 minutes Pigeon to Pigeon free calling and 20paise / minute thereafter (DUH)
5) Where can I call with Pigeon VOIP, check country list
6)International dialing pre paid coupons are required which is available in denominations of 100, 500, 1000. Call us to get one now. (Will this be like the infamous dolphin SIM and PostPaid recharge cards which are never available anywhere including MTNL offices? lol)

One of the biggest worry about using MTNL's service is complexity and lack of availablity. If anyone using this service, your feedback is appreciated so our friends from all over the world can look at this as viable option for setting up VOIP back in India and talk to their loved ones.

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