600 Mins Free Calls to India

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As promised, This is our best offer for making free calls to India during Diwali. Total 600 minutes of Free Calls to India just for you. Don't miss this offer, You will regret later.

As most of you already know, we have some great relationship with Pingo and have arranged some exclusive contest in the past such as 10000 Free minutes giveaway etc and people have really enjoyed those offers. Its diwali time, we don't want you to sit at home watching TV, we instead want you to make calls to your loved ones in India for FREE. This is possible today becoz of Pingo.

We have had several discussions during the last few days and have finally drafted out this offer. There are in fact multiple offers to choose from, you may chose that suits you the most.

Please note our Coupon Code gets applied automatically, if not you can double confirm by using our code: voipguide.

1) Diwali Offer -600 minutes Free Calls to India: Use coupon code voipguide. You will get 200 Free minutes to India. The offer is valid only to new customers that sign up for $20 minimum, making effective rate of 4c to India with an additional $13 bonus. Total talktime would be $33 for $20 of credit. This offer can be repeated for 3 months, thats means each month you top-up $20, you will get 200+ mins Free Calls to India each on Top of the $20 credit. Total 600 minutes in 3 months.

Remember to use coupon code: voipguide.

Let me again put this:

Month 1: You put $20, you get $33 talktime (200 mins of Free Calls to India)
Month 2: You recharge $20, you get $33 talktime (200 mins of Free Calls to India)
Month 3: You recharge $20, you get $34 talktime- Loyalty bonus (215 mins of Free Calls to India)

If you recharge for 3 months, you would end up getting around $40 or 600 minutes Free Calls to India. Pingo offers 6.5 cents to India but with this offer, the effective rate for calling India would be around 4 cents.

The biggest benefit of Pingo over others is simplicity of service.

1) You can use Pingo via your regular phone by dialing their access numbers (all around the world) unlike other providers who have limited access numbers. You can use your Pingo account from anywhere in the world, you can dial local access numbers. That means you can buy the card and gift to your family and friends.

2) Another value benefit is Pingo doesn't charge you connection fees (Betamax charges 5 cents on most of it's services). You end up paying higher with connection fees. There are no hidden cost on Pingo. What you have is what you get.

3) PIN-Less dialing with Pingo offers flexibility.

4) Pingo also launched a Pingo Softphone so if you are a PC fanatic and prefer to talk as PC to Phone service, that you can download Pingo Softphone. This way you can share your username with your family back in India and they can also benefit from using Pingo.

Again, we are also throwing in another great offer for those who actually sign-up with Pingo using our coupon code: voipguide.

If you signup using our coupon, please post your pingo registered email id in the comments section. We will give 10 free trial Gift cards woth $10 Each. That's total $100 of Free Talktime to be given away. We will choose 10 people randomly from the comments section. Remember you must SIGN UP using our voucher code voipguide. in order for us to track.

You can gift these $10 Gift cards to your family or friends so that they can try Pingo service and make $10 of Free Calls anywhere in the world.

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