YouTring offers Cheap India Calls Plan

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We have seen some massive improvement in VOIP Providers offering India specific calling plans and call rates have decreased significantly in the range of 3-4 cents per minute.

India is no more the betamax monopoly. Betamax still offers 2 cents per minute on CallEasy and freecall offering at 1.5 cents per minute.

There is upcoming VOIP Provider (they do much more) called YouTring who are offering India Calling plan. They have slashed the rates during diwali to 3.25 cents per minute when you buy specific amount of Plan. Plans start from as low as $25. You can buy higher denominations such as $75 and $100. Each plan also gives you Free Talktime, for $25 you get 75 minutes free.

During diwali, we are most likely to make lot more calls and depending on one single provider during this extremely important season is not recommend. You must choose atleast 2 good VOIP Providers to make calls to India. YouTring seem like a decent option. However the only shortfall I see at this stage is Youtring can only be used via their branded TringPad softphone. This limits some callers who love to use Phone to Phone more than PC to Phone.

Please note if you are using Reliance India Call as a way of making calls to India, you are loosing a lot of money. It's way too costly compared to some of the new VOIP Providers who are throwing in rock bottom prices at good quality.

Some of the other VOIP Providers you might want to check out are LocalPhone and Tringme.

Whats you favorite VOIP Provider this Diwali? Let us know. We recommend YouTring as a good alternative.

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