DialSimple offers cheap international phone calls

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With festive season across the corner, we are looking for ways to make cheap international calls to India also around the world. Today we talk about another such VOIP Provider called Dial Simple.

Dial Simple is a USA based International calling service that means the service is only available if you have a USA number(which is needed while registering) and can dial a USA access number. I will explain how to use this from outside USA.

DialSimple mainly works via Access Number in USA. When you signup at DialSimple, they allocate you acess number which you need to dial for making calls out.

Dial Simple can also give you local numbers for your international contacts, more like LocalPhone VOIP service. They are currently offering a special promotion under which you will get 15 minutes of talktime free when you signup.

They apparently also running a special promotion when you make your first payment to buy more talktime credit, they will top up your account with upto $50. This is a bit vague, upto $50 doesnt really mean anything, It can be from $1 to $50. So be a bit cautious if you like to buy some credit expecting $50 of bonus talktime.

Let's see how you can use their service.

1) Local Number for Your contacts:

a. Login and enter the international numbers where you frequently call in the Phone Mappings area provided on your home page. (one time process)

b. You will immediately see a local phone number corresponding to each international number.

c. Please store these local numbers in your phone book and call them directly from your registered phone to automatically connect to the corresponding international numbers.

2) Through Regular Dial:

a.Dial the access number.
b. When prompted, enter the destination number you want to call including the country code followed by the “#” key.

DialSimple also offers WebSMS service and worth checking. They are currently offering around 5.9 cents per minute to India.

If you are currently using DialSimple, do let us know your feedback. If not, go signup at Dialsimple.

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